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Which products can keep the workplace Covid free and back to work safely?

A year ago this month, the UK entered its first lockdown. A year on and we’re waiting to emerge from our third, hoping to get back to some “normality”. We’re all feeling the effects of the last 12 months and even with vaccinations finally making the outlook seem brighter, we have all come to realise that just like the Flu, Coronavirus is here to stay. In fact, research is suggesting that we will need to keep repeating periods of social distancing as we learn how to live with Covid 19. So it would seem there can be no drop in vigilance.

Implications for the workplace as Stay At Home rule ends

Providing we continue to make good progress with the ‘R’ number – the Stay At Home rule is on course to end on 29th March. Many office based staff will be back at work – some for the first time in just over a year. Many will be cautious and will be seeking the reassurance from companies they work for that risks are being minimised. So we are going to take a look at 4 key products that we think will provide that reassurance as we all finally go back to work!

4 key products to help get back to work safely

  1. Antigen Test Kits
Covid Test Kits for back to work safely

Covid test kits for back to work safely

The first product we are looking at is an obvious one – work based testing kits. Testing has been at the core of the Government’s drive in breaking the chain with the virus. It makes sense to continue to this in a work setting. Many companies are now being offered them free providing they have over 50 employees. This is currently only free until June. The tests should be performed twice a week on every employee. Research is showing that as many as 80% of people with Coronavirus don’t know they have it so it becomes imperative to carry out regular repeat testing in the work place.

Not only can a business quickly identify positive testing employees who can then go on to get this test result clarified at a local test centre, a business can ensure symptoms such as a cold really are just a cold and they do not need to isolate at home. The business can then maintain a healthy, functioning work force.

Some tests are quite intrusive but ones we recommend only require the nasal swab rather than both the throat and nasal swab combined. You can buy our Covid 19 Antigen Rapid Test Kits here. Results are known in as little as 15 minutes and it certainly gives peace of mind for everyone concerned. There are 25 individual tests in each box.

 2. Oximeters

Oximeters for back to work safely

Oximeters for back to work safely

Next on our list is the Oximeter, another great product to help identify a potential problem quickly and painlessly. This is a test that can be given everyday and identify issues again where there are no symptoms. The Oximeter is being used in the monitoring of people already diagnosed with Covid 19, but can also alert you to a problem again if there are no discernible symptoms.

It measures the oxygen levels in the blood which are low if suffering with Covid 19. It’s another useful tool, ideal for a daily test, enabling the employer to protect staff and the business. You can buy our Oximeters directly here, as well as look at details on how to use them.

3. Contactless Thermometer

Contactless thermometer for back to work safely

Contactless thermometer for back to work safely

Third on our product list is the Infared Contactless Thermometer. Another great tool for identifying any potential issues as well as being used in conjunction with other testing products. It has been documented that a high temperature is one symptom of Covid 19. This keeps both users safe and at a distance from each during the test.

A temperature is displayed literally within seconds and a reading over 37.8 C could indicate a positive test for Covid 19. You can buy our contactless thermometers here enabling you to quickly determine who should be permitted into the office or who should seek a further test.


VIRUSEND for back to work safely

VIRUSEND for back to work safely

You may have already heard about this product or seen it on the news. VIRUSEND has been featured in The Times, The Evening Standard and ITV. The story behind its development is quite remarkable, engineered by an inventor for the British Army, it’s now being used by schools, hospitals, Covid testing sites, businesses and consumers across the UK. The product is completely unique in that it kills the Coronavirus in just 60 seconds on any surface. So any surface such as a light switch, a lift button, a door handle, a trolley handle, a keyboard – are all safe to use in 1 minute.

As you can imagine, the product has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it can achieve this 60 second kill time. It is also completely different to other cleaning chemicals you may find in your janitorial cupboard in the office.

For a product to be able to claim that it kills the virus – it needs to satisfy two standards: BSEN:14476 and BSEN:16777. Most household cleaners are just anti-bacterials and will not kill the virus, leaving people unprotected. This confusion over anti-bacterials used to fight Covid was recently covered in The Times.  Using VIRUSEND around businesses completely eliminates the transmission of the virus on all surfaces, especially high touch points. You can read more about it, how it works and purchase VIRUSEND directly here.

Making Back To Work Safely easier!

Getting back to work safely will be the key to a committed and functioning team, whether in the office or in so called ‘non-essential’ retail. We feel this product collection really does offer work places the very best defence, enabling companies to stop Coronavirus at the front door. We have called these 4 key products our Covid Defence products and you can also find them all here for your convenience.

So if you’re looking to break the virus chain, and ensure you can do all your best to maintain a healthy workforce, take a look at our Covid Defence Products. If you do have any queries on these products or anything else in our PPE section, please do let us know using the form below and we hope your team gets back to work safely.

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