Saving time and money in the warehouse must be on everyone’s wish list. Looking for latest products to help deliver tangible savings is important in both streamlining processes and making logistics as efficient as possible. One such product that does just that is E-stretch, an innovation that throws away the rule book when it comes to securing your deliveries during transit and can make a big difference to your bottom line as well!




8 Reasons To Use E-stretch!

is thinner (just 7 microns as opposed to 20 microns for standard film) yet just as strong which results in a greater yield per roll

is twice the length of standard rolls (600 meters as opposed to 300 meters for standard film) – for the same price!

is highly puncture resistant, therefore protecting products better

reduces the weight of film used to wrap a pallet by up to 65%!

is stretched in both directions at the point of manufacture and rolled onto the core in its pre-stretched state. In use, the film contracts into its original state,resulting in a more stable load and 50% less film usage

has a thicker reinforced edge preventing snagging and adding strength e-stretch enables faster and easier wrapping as it requires less tension

has a one sided cling preventing pallets sticking together in transit

What we discovered in our own Product Performance Comparison!

When comparing pre-stretched and standard film head to head we were able to demonstrate that we used 86% MORE product when using standard film as opposed to e-stretch when wrapping one 4 foot high pallet of cardboard boxes.

This was a conservative test – how much could YOU save?!

Take the e-stretch challenge!

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