Most shoppers welcome variety on the high street, where small independent shops can be found next door to national chains. Shoppers need to vote with their feet and visit these smaller jewels on the high street to keep them there and these smaller shops need to provide an entirely different brand experience and truly understand their customer base.

There are many ways the smaller ’boutique’ stores can compete with their national brand neighbours and customer service as right at the top of the list – and guess what? This costs nothing! Smaller stores can really stand out with individual customer care and relationship building  – the essence of which may be lost in larger stores. According to Professor Heiner Evanschitzky stated “Independent shops won’t be able to compete on price, but they can specialise in great advice”
Picking the right stock – and that’s all about knowing your customer base, is another crucial factor in competing and finding a niche. Stocking products that can not be found in the larger stores, such as unusual up-and-coming brands and limited edition lines on better known brands can make a tantalizing mix if you get it right.

Other areas to invest in are the look, sound, feel and even the smell of your retail space all project the clientele you are reaching out to. Finding that niche through the design of your store, the layout, the decor, the shop fittings, the lighting are all key in attracting your client base. There are now specialist companies that can give your store a ‘branded’ fragrance – a signature aroma if you like. That’s how important all these little details are in creating stand-out on the high street.

To take the hard work out of achieving a new look and feel of your store, specialists can re-design your retail space to not only provide a unique feel but to make the most of your products, creating areas of focus through clever displays and lighting.

At Acopia, we provide a complete turn-key solution from initial 3D CAD drawings, to the supply and installation of the shop fittings, to completely project managing the installation. If you would like to know more and understand how your brand can flourish and see Return On Investment – get in touch with our Fit-Out Team for more details 0845 07 6111

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