Ever since the introduction of the simple carrier bag in retail, the huge opportunity for branding and advertising has been exploited by savvy marketeers.

Getting your brand in front of your target audience is the number one priority for your business and looking for ways that provide longevity for your investment is key. Today, custom bags still present great value for money, turning your loyal customers into mobile advertising hoardings!

Give your brand staying power

Research has shown that a printed packaging bag can have far greater brand penetration than a 2 minute television advertisement. Once the advertisement has ceased airing, the power of branded bag and associated good customer experience with their purchase, remains with the consumer far longer than the advertisement. Everytime the consumer re-uses the bag, they are reminded of the quality of the product.

Your brand ambassadors

Your loyal customers do so much more than spread the word about your brand up and down the high street on a busy shopping day, they actually become your brand and product ambassadors. They associate themselves with your brand values and the quality of your products and are proud to be seen having made a purchase with you and this in turn is transferred to their peer group in the shape of your latest printed carrier. All this from the humble carrier bag!

Retail packaging today has become so creative in terms of design and materials, consumers love quality styling and imaginative design packs a punch. It’s your chance to make an impact and create an instantly recognisable statement on the high street and elsewhere. With Christmas round the corner, it’s a great opportunity to produce festive alternatives to your existing bags.

Strengthen Your Brand With Acopia

To make your brand work harder and reach more of your target audience – talk to Acopia about producing beautiful bespoke printed carriers that your customers will be proud to be seen with.

About the picture:
Acopia client Montezuma’s one colour printed bag, printed onto kraft paper with white twisted handle – photographed by Jonathan Fridlington Photography

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