The emotional response triggered to seeing clever, innovative or simply gorgeous packaging can sometimes far transcend the product itself. A great product and stunning packaging is certainly a winning combination.  Consumers can be happy to pay a premium price for a product – and how do they know they are looking at a quality product? The answer is in the packaging!

The arrival of a new Apple purchase would not be the same if it were not for the incredibly tactile packaging that projects the message “I am innovation – I am ahead of the curve. Always” – all that from a box? Remarkable! It’s what we have grown to expect from Apple and is synonymous with the brand itself.  Above all else, the brand demands trust and we offering it willingly.

A recent research study done at Cornell focused on the way consumers connected to simple products on a shelf at the supermarket. In this instance the product was cereal boxes and it became clear that when the characters on the packaging were drawn in a way to appear to make eye contact with consumers – this created a ‘connection’. When both character design and shelf positioning align correctly, consumers are found to feel dramatically greater amounts of trust in the brand. So in this case, product placement was also a key part of the buying process. Competition is tough in supermarkets for the hallowed “eye level – buy level” in-store. So if a powerful connection can be made in this way, what could custom packaging do for products?

Connect with your customer base with custom packaging

Packaging can become another medium to exploit to engage with your customers. This example of branded tape takes a mundane packaging item and turns it into something enchanting.

Innocent Drinks have been starting conversations with their customers since the brand was born. Witty copy combined with superb design can engage and keep your customer base talking.

Gift Shop Silver In The City uses packaging to speak volumes to it customers with great copy and fabulous typography.

The moral of the story – your packaging is another channel to engage with your customers who will anticipate the next conversation.

Want to try something different – talk to the team at Acopia and see how we can help you use innovative packaging to engage with your customers.



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