In today’s busy world where advertising permeates in every area of life, customer loyalty can be transient and fleeting. There is always the next big product or seeming innovation – can you hold and secure customer attention? What is the advantage today in a customer sticking with one brand or retailer? Much better to shop around?

Companies invest heavily in marketing and reward schemes to secure that all important customer loyalty, but one powerful weapon in the armory is the power of packaging. Whether it’s etail or retail, packaging can play an integral role in connecting with the customer.

How successful brands use packaging

Many of the most iconic brands understand the power of packaging and how it supports that ‘premium’ message. Apple are famous for their stunning products, encased in equally breath taking packaging. Its synonymous with quality, expertise, innovation and confidence. Amazing Apple packaging is now a customer expectation when purchasing the latest product. Building that kind of customer expectation around your brand takes time and and investment.

Form and Function

Not only does it have to look good – packaging needs to do its job too. Whether it’s being displayed or dispatched, packaging has to protect the product. Poor packaging can dent your brand as well as your products! You also want your customer to find you on the shelf – are you creating ‘brand real estate’ with your product in-store?

Does it support you brand?

Making a personal connection with your customer is key. Whether it is was with branded ribbons or tape or a bespoke luxury bag – it all add up to the brand experience. Think again of the elegant and sophisticated bags that comes with Apple products – they are a pure extension of the brand!

Making it work

With 58.4 million unboxing videos on You Tube – packaging is right up there in the customer’s psyche!  Here are some ideas to create loyalty with packaging:

  1. Reward for re-using – consumers are keen to play there part in recycling and re-purposing and appreciate brands that so the same
  2. Custom Packaging – let consumers choose from packaging options, especially fun if it is a gift
  3. A personalised thank you – this is such a simple and easy thing to do which is such an appreciated added extra

These all play a role in brand adoption and maybe your product will be the next “as seen on You Tube” with a delighted consumer!