Capillary Matting

Capillary Matting

Take Control With Next Generation Capillary Matting

Advice on climate change indicating hotter and drier British summers which means you need a workable solution fast to save time, money, the environment and reduce your plant loss. The solution is Capillary Matting.

It’s time to fight back with a proven sustainable technology that can reduce summer plant loss by 25% as well as saving you up to £500* a week on watering costs.

At Acopia, we provide a bespoke service for each garden centre following a watering appraisal by our Planteria expert. We will take time to understand your challenges to ensure we provide the very best advice and optimise our capillary matting installation to reduce loss and support your continued growth.

Capillary Matting key benefits

  • Cutting edge 3 layer construction
  • Water retention at 3ltrs/m2
  • Very even water distribution
  • Excellent water take up by plants
  • Rapid water absorption
  • Encourages strong root growth
  • A reduced risk of disease through no excess water
  • Reduced water usage
  • Different thicknesses available for different bench types
  • Our Capillary Mattng arrives pre-cut to your exact requirements
  • Very easy to clean – can be pressure washed or brushed
  • UV stabilised

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Prolonged life for your stock and your benches

This approach also results in a prolonged bench life with a system that can be easily adapted to fit any size of bench. With the reduced amount of water required with Capillary Matting, it keeps your benches looking pristine for longer.

Flexible, money saving, low maintenance and it can be used for both your indoor and outdoor plant displays.

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Save money as well as your plants with our next generation Capillary Matting

* Based on the average garden centre and typical watering times and usage.

Capillary Matting
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