When your retail space first opened – it was bright, fresh, shiny and welcoming. It stocked the latest must-have products, lovingly displayed and was the place to go  – people just loved to shop with you. Now all that seems to have changed  – so how can you revitalise your retail space and get your customers flooding back in? How do you know if it’s time for a retail makeover? Here’s our top 5 guide to knowing if it’s time to make a change!

How is the space layed out?

Optimising your space is a science, especially when it is at a premium. Thinking about customer flow through the space and how they can interact with your products is key. Assessing what will work, creating the correct ambience for the outlet to encourage those extra sales from casual browsing all works to maximise those opportunities. Working with an expert in customer flow and product placement can really deliver an enormous return on investment.

Is your store consistent?

What does your store say to your customers? Is your signage, for example, the same throughout or are some in colour, black and white, computer generated or even handwritten? Do you have a brand theme for all your displays? Signage, display solutions and mannequins should all work together in a polished harmonious look to support your brand.

How do customers react to your products?

Are your displays crammed full of products that don’t invite customers to interact with them? Is it all shown in the same way with nothing standing out as key product promotion areas. If it overwhelms your customers, the likelihood they will leave without purchasing. Take a step back and a fresh look at your displays – what do you see?

Does Your Store Look Past It Best?

Retail thrives on bringing customers the very latest trends. It’s all about What’s New? Just as music and clothes fade in and out of fashion – store interiors have style trends too. What looked great in 2019 might be starting to looka bit tired today. Take an honest look – is it in need of a refresh?

Are Your Sales Suffering?

Business does not need to be dire straits to benefit from a makeover, stagnant sales are the first sign something may be wrong. Strike now whilst customers are still coming through the door so they can tell like minded friends about your latest look! Show it all off on facebook and instagram and even have a grand re-opening! Incentivise it by offering a free gift for the first 10 people through the door on open day.

Working with an industry expert can really help you look at your retail space objectively and work with you to achieve a great result. Choices in colour and lighting as well as help with effective display and fittings will all pay dividends at the till! Is it time for your retail makeover?

Most shoppers welcome variety on the high street, where small independent shops can be found next door to national chains. Shoppers need to vote with their feet and visit these smaller jewels on the high street to keep them there and these smaller shops need to provide an entirely different brand experience and truly understand their customer base.

There are many ways the smaller ’boutique’ stores can compete with their national brand neighbours and customer service as right at the top of the list – and guess what? This costs nothing! Smaller stores can really stand out with individual customer care and relationship building  – the essence of which may be lost in larger stores. According to Professor Heiner Evanschitzky stated “Independent shops won’t be able to compete on price, but they can specialise in great advice”
Picking the right stock – and that’s all about knowing your customer base, is another crucial factor in competing and finding a niche. Stocking products that can not be found in the larger stores, such as unusual up-and-coming brands and limited edition lines on better known brands can make a tantalizing mix if you get it right.

Other areas to invest in are the look, sound, feel and even the smell of your retail space all project the clientele you are reaching out to. Finding that niche through the design of your store, the layout, the decor, the shop fittings, the lighting are all key in attracting your client base. There are now specialist companies that can give your store a ‘branded’ fragrance – a signature aroma if you like. That’s how important all these little details are in creating stand-out on the high street.

To take the hard work out of achieving a new look and feel of your store, specialists can re-design your retail space to not only provide a unique feel but to make the most of your products, creating areas of focus through clever displays and lighting.

At Acopia, we provide a complete turn-key solution from initial 3D CAD drawings, to the supply and installation of the shop fittings, to completely project managing the installation. If you would like to know more and understand how your brand can flourish and see Return On Investment – get in touch with our Fit-Out Team for more details 0845 07 6111

Thinking about transforming your retail space can be a daunting task. There is so much to consider from understanding what isn’t working now and how to work towards resolution – logistics, designers, contractors are just a few for the list.

Fears of lost revenue during the work as well as the concern of not getting exactly what you wanted can all add to the stress and may even derail your best intentions of improving your customer experience.


Return On Investment

How will you know if it has all been a success? To understand success is to understand your position now and your current revenues. You can expect to receive at least a 10% return on investment after your renovation.

In the new online world of shopping, where retail is finding strength over retail bricks and motar, differentiation on the high street is key. This is not just about product range – it’s a holistic approach to your space as a ‘concept’ to deliver a unique customer experience. Those retailers who choose to engage a  space designer could expect to see a return on investment of 22% – transforming the bottom line as well as the space!

Brand Theatre

Engaging the senses to create a unique customer space for your brand is essential. Rcent studies have shown that atmospherics are perhaps the most single most important environmental factor that converts into purchases.

So what works best? There is no one size fits all solution here – it depends on your target audience, but the use of colour, lighting, music and even smell can have a profound effect on customers.

Embrace new technology in-store

In a report from Merchant Warehouse, it showed that close to 70% of customers research their chosen items online before visiting the store. Google also found that 84% of smartphone shoppers use their devices to help them shop once they are in the store.

A recent introduction to the high street in the US has seen bridal boutiques using a ‘virtual’ fitting room to cut down the time and hassle of trying on endless numbers of wedding dresses to narrow down favourites. This speeds up the whole process and reduces queues as well as allowing many more ‘fittings’ a day for the store.

To get the most out of your renovation and receive the maxiumum return on investment – it pays to use professionals to turn your vision into reality. At Acopia, we offer a complete end to end solution from initial space design, complete project management, as well supply of all shop fittings and install. We know downtime is not good for business so we work hard to ensure you are up and running as quickly as posible.

Contact the team at Acopia and see what we could do for your retail space.





Do you have a clear direction and focus for 2017 on how to keep your brand relevant, keeping existing customers and winning new ones?

What’s your strategy in making your retail space more exciting, unexpected and enticing? Some retailers encourage customers into their stores by offering the opportunity for them to experience new products and a wider selection. Sainsbury’s Nine Elms store has a mini Habitat concession, Macy’s new store has revamped its cosmetics department and now provides beauty services, and Amazon may be looking to open pop-up stores in the UK as an extension to their US strategy. Return per square foot continues to be the benchmark for space productivity and a partner with a complementary product or service can also help boost this margin. Retailers will continue to experiment and learn from these advances, choose partners where appropriate in order to improve the return on their space. The name of the game this year is certainly to try new things, invest in new ventures in order to keep moving and ahead and predicting customer trends.

Innovate to Resonate

Not every retail space has the opportunity to include mini conessions, add new services or completely change product lines. One thing you can have complete control over is your ‘brand theatre’ and how you project the essence of your brand in-store.

Dramatic lighting can play a huge role in attracting and enagaging customers. The Amercian clothing fashion chain Hollister is famous for its in-store lighting as this is a natural extension of their brand. Their target audience is 14-18 year olds and the aim is to recreate a ‘club-like enviroment’. Whilst parents are bemused with the dimly lit conditions, their children are in their element!

Hollister setting the mood in-store

Ring in the Changes

Enhancing your in-store environment, maintaining a contemporary look and remaining relevant will be key in 2017. Look at your lighting – could this work harder for you – setting the scene for a more relaxed buying environment for your retail space? Are your mannequins old fashioned? Are they putting people off coming in? Have your display stands seen better days? Are your display areas adaptable and portable allowing you to give the impression of change in-store? Have you considered your customer flow and does your store layout optimise every opportunity?

If all this sounds overwhelming, help is at hand! Acopia are experts in Space Planning, Project Management, Shop Fittings and Fit-Out. We have an incredible team who work with you every step of the way to achieve your vision. Let us help you transform your retail space and help create your very own ‘brand theatre’!

Call the team on 0845 075 6111 and find out more about our services.

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we know what it takes to get the show on the road in retail. From supplying till rolls to shopfittings, we can support all your retail needs – taking the hassle out of procurement, saving you time and money too!

Window Dressing

Getting customers into your store is key and your shop window is your chance to impress and entice! We provide lots of display stands to make your product look its very best. We have a vast range of mannequins in many different styles to give your clothing and brand a unique look. From stylish retro display tables to modern modular cube shelving in that popular industrial feel – we can give your shop window the wow factor! Plastic stepped displays, risers and pedestals all provide ‘layers’ of product display without looking cluttered. Again, we have a truly extensive range to suit your budget and product. We also provide pavement signs for additional product promotion or advertise a special in-store offer!


The Shop Floor

Your retail space is your chance to shine. Choose from our new Moda range in utilitarian scaffolding finish, our Goodwood range in stylish black cast iron, our InStore range of gondolas and shelving as well as trendy wire mesh fittings with accesories – all completely adjustable to suit your space and product. Choose from our range of store security tags, shopping trolleys and baskets, mirrors, multimedia displays, stylish hat stands, jewellery displays, coat hangers, clothing size markers, sale signage, clothing tags and labelling – to highlight just a small selection of what we offer.




Point Of Sale

After your customers have enjoyed looking round your store, it’s time for that opportunity to engage when they make that all important purchase. We have a full range of consumables to support you when you are conducting your customer transactions. Along with a beautiful range of gift bags, basic carrier bags, gift boxes, ribbons and tissue papers – we also supply everything you need to support your sales. From the sales counters themselves, we can also provide the cash registers and accesories, pricing guns, labelling, office supplies and leaflet dispensers to make your sales area attractive and efficent. We even provide queue management systems to keep your customer flow working optimally.


Behind The Scenes
A great store with a fabulous staff attitude is acheived by looking after your team. We supply catering supplies for your staff such as tea, coffee and sugar. We can also supply microwaves, kettles and coffee makers, toasters, cooking equipment and utensils. Keeping the store clean and tidy is easy with vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and a full range of polishing and cleaning equipment.

On top of all this – we also offer a fit-out service so we can design and transform your retail space entirely.

All your favorite products and services – all in one place. Call the team on 0845 075 6111 and see what we can do to support your business.

You may not associate Acopia with Shop fittings and Fit Out, but this is an area we have considerable expertise. It’s wonderful to be able to support and work with our clients in these transformational projects and to see the difference it brings to the store and resulting sales.

Listening to our client is so important in understanding their vision for the shop or store – and often these will be multi-branch. We then take this vison and turn this into a 3D reality, encompassing all that the client needs as well as bringing our years of expertise on the best use of space, key feature areas and the best way to maximise sales.

The customer flow is so important and we assess what will work in the space, creating the correct ambience for the shop to encourage those extra sales from casual browsing. Our collaborative approach delivers sucess time after time.

This is what a typical 3D CAD drawing looks like.  We we completed this recently for a client of ours. This is how we approach the space, recreating the environment to best layout the store taking everything like lighting, utillities and storage into consideration.



Once the client is happy with their new store – the build then commences! We can project manage the whole process from liasing with all the utilities and staff involved with the re-fit, to supplying the actual shop fittings to installing them too.

Managing the whole process for our clients ensures we are able to co-ordinate all aspects of the shop fit and deliver the project on time. We supply all the materials and services including floors and ceilings, decorating, signage and accessories, electrical and plumbing work.

The end result and opening day is always a fantastic occasion and we always receive incredible feedback from our clients on the difference we have made to their business.


If you feel it’s time for a makeover – please do get in touch with the team on 0845 075 6111.

As high street retailers begin to report on their post Christmas sales, it certainly seems that the festive season bought no holiday cheer. Big brands such as Next, Primark, Debenhams and Marks & Spencer have all reported losses. Consumers decided to change their purchase habits and preferred to stay at home and shop online instead with the high street suffering its quietest December since 1998.

With the rise of Black Friday in UK culture now, this has further disrupted the traditional Christmas high street environment with savvy consumers using this opporunity to purchase at a guaranteed bargain. Online retailers with no overheads can use this time to market aggressively, further compounding the problems on the high street.

With high street retailers not being able to compete on price, the customer experience in-store has become critical. This is something online retailers can not match and creating a positive and welcoming environment is key. Customer service is an area that bricks and motar shops can really excel in. That personal touch can not be recreated online – it’s a winner and keeps customers coming back.

Making the shopping environment itself is what customers enjoy and making this as special as possible is key. The look, feel and layout plays a huge role in the decision making process as to whether to shop online or visit the high street. Making the most of products, attractive displays and efficient layouts can make all the difference.

Creating standout on the high street has never been more important. Working with and making the most of space is critical. Creating areas of product focus to highlight key stock for browsing customers is a great way to encourage unplanned purchases.

Its always a good idea to work with a company who specialise in creating bespoke shopping environments. At Acopia, we have many years of experience working with and supporting outlets on the high street. We listen to the customer needs and requirements and we then create bespoke 3D CAD drawings so the customer can see their newly designed store before the build. Our clients love this approach as it is often hard to visualise the end result. We look at the space and consider customer flow, this is so important as it influences customer behaviour and ultimately more sales. We can choose the best spots to place merchandise and work towards creating the right ambiance. We also project manage the complete transformation and co-ordinate all the utilities, as well as supplying all the shop fittings.

If you would like to know more about our shopfittings and fit-out services – call the team on 0845 075 6111 to find out how we can make more of your business.


Creating innovative ways to display product in-store to generate areas of interest and focus for shopping customers is a real challenge for many retail outlets. Space is often an issue so displaying product effectively to encourage and increase purchasing is an absolute requirement.

The customer experience must always be at the forefront of all decison making, creating the illusion of space where it is limited, planning the natural flow through the shop to encourage customers to explore and lighting options to enhance the environment are just some of the considerations that will produce great returns of investment. Getting these right and more will encourage a high number of repeat visitors that will become your regular shoppers as they enjoy visiting your outlet.

We have a collaborative approach and a range of display solutions that create the perfect environment to support optimal sales.

Functional, modern and flexible product display

At Acopia – we have many display solutions and the Elite range is one of our most popular. An extremely versatile option which can be used for general display, books and shoes. With reinforced shelves for heavy items and a sloping shelf to display shoes, it really is adaptable and looks great as well.


No screws are required to assemble this stand and the look can be completely altered to suit your requirements and environment.

3D Retail Experience

Acopia prides itself at being at the forefront when it comes to providing support, advice and materials for your shop-fit. We can project manage the whole process for you, from concept stage, to designing your store layout, supplying all the materials and project managing the actual fit-out.

We work with you right from the start to bring your ideas and plans to life. We take your vision and turn it into reality before a single pot of paint has been opened. We pride ourselves at being at the cutting edge in the industry by being able to present you with 3D drawings of your finished shop!

Talk to the team on 0845 075 6111 to find out more about our full service.

The Acopia website is now LIVE!

Following our recent re-brand, we are delighted to announce that our new website is now live. It’s your chance to discover more about Acopia and our full range of services.

You may know us already for our protective packaging or for our retail consumables – in fact we offer so much more.

There’s more in store at Acopia!

No one in the industry has our experience or knowledge gained over 40 years with working with our clients on bespoke business solutions. We operate in a diverse range of sectors, servicing industry from Aviation to Healthcare to Sports & Leisure.

Service Driven

From looking after your warehousing and storage needs, to working with you on bespoke product development – our team of experts are on hand to ensure you get the very best out of your partnership with Acopia. Our specialist sales support team are your first port of call with non-stock items and special requirements.

3D Retail – Shop Fit and Fit Out

We specialise in innovative ways to display product in-store to create areas of interest and focus for shopping customers.
We have a collaborative approach and a range of display solutions that create the perfect environment to support optimal sales.

Acopia prides itself at being at the forefront when it comes to providing support, advice and materials for your shop-fit. We can project manage the whole process for you, from concept stage, to designing your store layout, supplying all the materials and project managing the fit-out.

We work with you right from the start to bring your ideas and plans to life. We take your vision and turn it into reality before a single pot of paint has been opened. We pride ourselves at being at the cutting edge in the industry by being able to present you with 3D drawings of your finished shop!

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