Anything that makes a laborious, time consuming process faster and more efficient has to be good news! Our raison d’etre at Acopia has always been to see procurement from the client’s side of the table and we wanted to not only bring tremendous value to this area but to actually transform it from a tedious time consuming task to a positive time and cost saving activity. Working closely with our clients, listening to their challenges, we were able to understand and see first hand how to simplify the whole process and develop a bespoke ordering platform, My Acopia, designed for garden centres just like yours in mind.


All in one place with My Acopia

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My Acopia allows you to get back to what you love – you customers and your plants!

Multi-centred garden brands such as Dobbies are already using our platform, but the platform is equally at home with single site centres. No matter the size of your organisation – saving precious time and costs will be important to you. What My Acopia allows you to do is have complete visibility of our spend on all your consumables. From the trolleys and baskets, to the plant ticketing and labeling, to your irrigation systems to your point of sale materials such as plant sleeves and carry home trays – it’s all in one place for easy stock control and re-ordering. We can also supply your cafe and staff rest room with catering supplies – no more petty cash receipts to process and maverick or unexpected spending to deal with! Hassle free procurement!

How does it work?

Spend on consumables, or goods not for resale, can represent up to 25% of your operating costs so it’s important to know you are making the most of this investment. Unlocking the associated costs around procurement and gaining that control over all spend will be key for you. It puts you in the driving seat by being able to see all your products in one place, authorise all spend and decline orders where necessary. You can make repeat orders and have these delivered directly to store location exactly when it’s needed.

My Acopia also allows you to free up precious management time and resource – allowing you to get on with running your business.

If you want to know why Dobbies and other garden centres just like yours are using My Acopia – why not get in touch!

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With the days getting slightly longer and the temperatures just a bit warmer, gardeners the length and breadth of the UK will be itching to get to their local nurseries in the hope of injecting some much needed colour in then garden. With the welcome sight of bulbs just starting to appear, it is the signal for many to  plan the garden for the year ahead.

With Spring approaching, it is the perfect time to take stock before the excited rush of shoppers arrive. We have an extensive range of equipment and accessories to not only help you look after your stock, but to help look after your customers too!



Taking care of your stock well is so important. Choose from a range of sprinkler systems, hose pipe accesories and telescopic lances to help keep your showcase hanging basket displays looking fabulous as well as items such as capilliary matting – making it easy to take care of your precious plants. We also supply tree and rose ties, windbreaks, and frost protection fleeces to highlight just a few products from our plant protection range.

Plant labelling is another area we really excel at for both indoor and outdoor use. Plant descriptions are an important part of customer reassurance that this is the right purchase for them. We provide telescopic label holders providing flexibility at many display levels. We hold bed card holders which again can be used for floor or bench mounting, card holders, sign holders and ticket displays and we can brand these too for that perfect finishing touch! Our range of tray and loop lock lables will work with a variety of printers. Our range is vast to suit all your requirements.





Looking After Your Customers

A lovely way to extend your brand into the home is through really handy items to make taking plants home easier. We stock fold over carry home trays that assemble in seconds and is one of our best sellers. Our boot liners and plant sleeves are always popular and again, just like the carry home tray, they can all be branded with your logo and details. Another way to strengthen your brand and keep you front of mind are the ever popular jute bags. With an average use of over 500 times – your brand will be seen by hundreds of local people – it’s a great way to promote your business.

If you require any accesories to get Spring 2107 on track for you and your business – please give the team a call and find out more about what we can do in support.