Anything that makes a laborious, time consuming process faster and more efficient has to be good news! Our raison d’etre at Acopia has always been to see procurement from the client’s side of the table and we wanted to not only bring tremendous value to this area but to actually transform it from a tedious time consuming task to a positive time and cost saving activity. Working closely with our clients, listening to their challenges, we were able to understand and see first hand how to simplify the whole process and develop a bespoke ordering platform, My Acopia, designed for garden centres just like yours in mind.


All in one place with My Acopia

Woman in garden centre

My Acopia allows you to get back to what you love – you customers and your plants!

Multi-centred garden brands such as Dobbies are already using our platform, but the platform is equally at home with single site centres. No matter the size of your organisation – saving precious time and costs will be important to you. What My Acopia allows you to do is have complete visibility of our spend on all your consumables. From the trolleys and baskets, to the plant ticketing and labeling, to your irrigation systems to your point of sale materials such as plant sleeves and carry home trays – it’s all in one place for easy stock control and re-ordering. We can also supply your cafe and staff rest room with catering supplies – no more petty cash receipts to process and maverick or unexpected spending to deal with! Hassle free procurement!

How does it work?

Spend on consumables, or goods not for resale, can represent up to 25% of your operating costs so it’s important to know you are making the most of this investment. Unlocking the associated costs around procurement and gaining that control over all spend will be key for you. It puts you in the driving seat by being able to see all your products in one place, authorise all spend and decline orders where necessary. You can make repeat orders and have these delivered directly to store location exactly when it’s needed.

My Acopia also allows you to free up precious management time and resource – allowing you to get on with running your business.

If you want to know why Dobbies and other garden centres just like yours are using My Acopia – why not get in touch!

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Have you heard the news? Our NEW shop is open!

We’ve had a makeover and we’re excited to show off our brand new look.

We still have all your favourite products plus lots of new features we know you’ll love!

We’ve improved the structure of the website so you’ll find it easier to navigate whether you’re in the office or on the move.

You’ll find it quicker to access the information you need as well being able to see our whole product range at a glance. You may know us already for our protective packaging or for our retail consumables – in fact we offer so much more!

There’s more in store at Acopia!

We provide a complete solution for Goods Not For Resale – that’s everything that’s needed to keep your network or organisation running effectively everyday.

No one in the industry has our experience or knowledge gained over 42 years of experience working with our clients on bespoke business solutions. We operate in diverse range of sectors, servicing industry from Aviation to Healthcare to Sports & Leisure.

Service Driven

From looking after your warehousing and storage needs, to working with you on bespoke product development – our team of experts are on hand to ensure you get the very best out of your partnership with Acopia. Our specialist sales support team are your first port of call with non-stock items and special requirements.

Some of our Shop Fit Range

Some of our Shop Fit range

3D Retail Design Experience – Shop Fit and Fit Out

We specialise in innovative ways to display product in-store to create areas of interest and focus for shopping customers. We have a collaborative approach and a range of display solutions that create the perfect environment to support optimal sales. With our recent display range launch of Street 76 we bring you the latest high street looks.

Acopia prides itself at being at the forefront when it comes to providing support, advice and materials for your shop-fit. We can project manage the whole process for you, from concept stage, to designing your store layout, supplying all the materials and project managing the fit-out.

We work with you right from the start to bring your ideas and plans to life. We take your vision and turn it into reality before a single pot of paint has been opened. We pride ourselves at being at the cutting edge in the industry by being able to present you with 3D drawings of your finished shop!

So why not take a look at our featured products for May as well as our team’s Top Picks!

Discover more at Acopia – and explore your new website here!

With the most significant day in the retail calendar so far in 2018, Valentine’s Day continues to grow in stature by becoming a favourite with UK shoppers with almost half  planning to purchase something to celebrate. With a recent survey finding that 39% of shoppers expect to spend more on Valentine’s Day this year than they did in 2017 – this certainly is shaping up to give retail a solid start to the year.

Valentine’s Day is even more popular now than Easter in terms of consumer spend, with this retailers have a massive opportunity to capitalise on a lucrative early start to the year. Savvy retailers will be sure to respond to this by increasing their Valentine’s ranges of both premium and personalised gift options as consumers increasingly prefer to spend a bit more money on quality gifts.

How much are consumers spending?

With an average spend of nearly £30 per person to mark the occasion tomorrow – Valentine’s Day continues to transcend age with all generations afflicted with the Love Bug! A near equal amount of millennials (68.8%), Gen Xers (69.3%) and baby boomers (68.4%) are planning to celebrate in some way. On average, Gen Xers are spending the most with £33.94 per person, followed by millennials at £25.75 each and then baby boomers with £25.47.

How are consumers spending their money?

Most intend to treat their husband or wife at 59.6%, followed by 28.2% spending on their boyfriend or girlfriend. Flowers still come in at the top of the love list with £102 million estimated to be spent tomorrow! Food and drink treats still continue to dominate with an estimated £53 million being spent on chocolate alone.

Locking in Loyalty

A retail event such as this is a prime opportunity to reach out to new audiences and new demographics.  It’s also a great way to make the most of your brand. At Acopia – we are experts in helping retailers make a big splash! Nothing says special more than fancy gift bags and gorgeous tissue papers when making that Valentine’s Day purchase. That little added touch of luxury when a customer has bought a treat for themselves, or a gift for a friend or relative, all adds to the occasion of purchasing, giving and receiving – and who doesn’t appreciate a gift presented in lovely packaging adorned with ribbons and bows!


To find out more about our full range of goods not for resale for retail – get in touch with our friendly team.



Stats from Mintel and Savvy

GNFR can typically represent over 25% of a retailer’s operating cost. That’s a significant investment with no direct income generated from this outlay. Whilst Goods For Resale (GFR) undergoes intense scrutiny to ensure the best possible returns, cost optimisation for GNFR, in the most part, is rarely approached in the same manner. What does this mean? A huge opportunity for retailers!

Making the most of your GNFR strategy is not just a case of simply clamping down on costs and slashing budgets – it actually requires an entirely different approach. Embracing a holistic attitude is key to its success as this needs to be championed across the business. Harnessing the power of optimising GNFR and adopting best practice can deliver real savings.

What is GNFR

There is a misconception that GNFR purely consists of simple products such as carrier bags or cleaning items – it is actually more far reaching than that. A typical retailers GNFR shopping list could look something like this: packaging, first aid equipment, safety clothing, kitchen and bathroom essentials, anti-theft devices, stationery, POS/check out systems, branded consumables, signage, labeling, shop fittings and merchandise display solutions. The scope to save on valuable resources such as time and money are considerable. The reality is that a retailer could be working with a huge number of suppliers to achieve this ‘shopping list’, having to negotiate costs and terms, organising product research, purchase orders, deliveries, invoicing, returns a multiple of times – when time is money, is this really the best approach?

Creating Order out of Chaos

Consolidating the whole procurement process can dramatically free up internal resource as well as driving down hard and soft costs. All product expenditure can be ratified and sourced through one preferred supplier. The associated hidden ‘soft costs’ (administration and procurement process time) can be virtually eliminated. The price paid for products ‘hard costs’ can also be reduced as well as delivery expenditure. Receiving products with one delivery with one invoice from one supplier can save thousands of pounds a year.

Finding a supplier with a vast portfolio that can cater for a complete range of products and essentials is rare. Acopia have been serving retail for over 40 years and we know what it takes to get the show on the road.  We have expertise in seeing procurement from your side of the table which enables us to provide a wide and relevant portfolio, value for money, with exceptional customer service.

Why not put the team to the test and ask us about our Single Source Solution for your GNFR and find out how much you could save with us!