Offering a seamless shopping experience and cohesive brand interaction at every possible customer touchpoint is every retailer’s dream. To have that consistency and predictability built-in, regardless of channel, creates a truly connected retail experience. When consumers are dictating how and when they prefer to shop, retailers need to stay ahead to not only anticipate but to delight with clever enhancements to their offer. Bringing Clicks and Bricks together to compliment, support and drive growth is the key.

If we take Apple and look at their holistic approach to the customer experience, regardless of channel, the customer can rely on consistency and innovation. It’s all built around quick access to pertinent product information and faster ways to pay – convenience and delight at every opportunity.

Clicks to bricks – the next level

Clicks and bricks

Clicks and bricks

To create that seamless experience is one thing but how to drive growth by combining the strength of online and in-store with each providing support and adding value to the other. Over 61% of shoppers in a recent survey researched products online before going to the store to make a purchase. Online sales continue to grow, with nearly 30% of all sales being online, compared to just 21% in 2016. Shoppers will also use their phone in-store to research and share product information. Savvy retailers offer free wi-fi to allow consumers to connect. This all helps to enhance the shopping experience and ultimately encourage sales.

Offers that drive consumers to the store with redeemable vouchers supports consumer connection to their local store and having the online functionality to select click and collect in-store for free and next day again locks in a positive brand experience.

All change!

Charity shops are also understanding the power behind a multi-channel presence with their own online stores or ebay accounts. This could be a mixture of donated and all brand products, with some specialising in popular vintage products. Sue Ryder is a great example of a charity that have embraced this opportunity and extended the reach of their brand and connected with a new demographic.

Creating brand stand-out in today’s hectic retail space with high street brands such as Next finally being able to consolidate pan-channel.

Which brands do you feel have achieved this cohesive presence and who do you think is struggling to keep up?




It’s certainly not all doom and gloom for retail in 2017, far from it. The year so far has seen encouraging growth in online sales which grew by 12% in January, with an average spend of £85 per purchase – the highest since 2010.

This represents a steady start to the year for online sales, having built on a solid foundation of performance in January 2016, when growth was above 15%.

Multiple sectors including clothing, gifts and accessories all saw growth, with clothing coming in at a respectable 11%. This must be welcome news for many retailers who have a multi-channel presence.

The Multi-Channel Challenge for Retailers

The Multi-Channel concept is being driven by consumers, this is how they want to engage, research and compare products and ultimately make purchases. This is not a retail invention – multi-channel is a reflection of customer behaviour. The single channel purchase is almost extinct and retail in some cases is playing catch-up. Those being able to deliver the same customer experience across channels will be the retailers who will go from strength to strength.

Brand Custodian

As customers continue to access brands in a variety of ways and circumstances, some of the tangible contact of the instore experience may be lost so being able to connect with customers in a personal way is key. Packaging is an extension of the brand and speaks volumes with your customers. Being able to personalise your packaging ‘canvas’ can complete that final stage of the multi-channel journey. Add a personalised message to parcels to thank your customers and encourage feedback and product reviews for example. With the growth of online reviews being so key in determining interaction with a brand or product, anything that can bring your brand closer to your customers is priceless.

At Acopia, we understand the challenges retailers face as customer buying patterns continue to change and evolve. We work collaboratively with our customers to ensure they can achieve stand-out whether it’s on the high street or the internet from space planning, shop fittings and fit-out to retail consumables and packaging.

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Retail Statistics provided by the IMRG