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With a global focus on the world’s consumption and reckless disposal of single use plastics, consumers are looking more from brands to trail blaze, innovate and lead the way in plastic reduction. Supermarket Lidl, for example, are aiming to use 50 percent recyclable materials for its own-brand packaging by 2025 and will be phasing out their 5 p carrier bags across its stores.  Last year it took the bold step to remove all of its single use bags. All this could result in the reduction of over 67 million bags and 134 tonnes of plastic every year – and that’s just one supermarket brand. Just imagine if more followed suit!

Make the switch to Grip Film

Brands should continue to be concerned about any role in contributing to this global problem with implications for their brand image if they are not seen to be actively seeking out more ways to reduce impact on the environment. Through out all aspects of supply and distribution, plastic has become the material of choice. There are however smart product switches that can lessen impact as well as costs, one such product is Grip Film. Designed for the busy warehouse, Grip Film creates incredible savings right across stock holding and despatch processes.

Grip Film benefits

The list of benefits goes on and on, as well as a 40% cost saving per pallet load from day one what Grip Film can deliver in terms of a reduced carbon foot print is astonishing. As well as making your process faster, safer and more efficient, there is a 40% saving on plastic going into landfills. This is something any brand would be proud to shout about and let their customers know they are doing their bit to save the planet!

Want to try Grip Film for FREE? Get in touch with and see for yourself what Grip Film could do for you, your warehouse and your business!

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It’s something we hear a lot – oh we didn’t realise we could get that from you. With over 4,000 products in stock, we are more then well placed to cater for all your Industrial Packaging requirements.

We have over 40 years of expertise gained through working collaboratively with our clients across multiple business sectors such as Aviation, Manufacturing & Engineering, Healthcare and E-commerce, we pride ourselves in being able to provide tailor made industry specific solutions.

Free Warehouse Facilities
Large, secure warehousing facilities and a responsive and dedicated team ensure your goods are delivered when and where you need them. Storing your products with us is free, saving your precious space and money finding your own storage solution.

Discover More At Acopia
With a huge inventory, we pride ourselves in being the Single Source provider for industry leading organisations. Businesses rely on us each day to supply their goods not for resale. Items such as warehouse essentials like lockers, recycling bins, safety signs and fire extinguishers. We can also supply branded workwear from a full range of items for your team.


We have a huge range of janitorial supplies as well as being able to support your staff catering requirements, as well as all the usual best sellers such as adhesive tape, cartons and an extensive range of protective packaging.

Supporting Your Logistics
We have an array of products and accessories to ensure your own product despatch goes smoothly and efficiently. High performance materials and the latest products help to streamline your processes, making them faster and cheaper.

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You can view our range on line or request our latest catalogue to discover more of our products.
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Whether you are dispatching the latest smart phone to your customers, distributing camera lenses to your retail outlets or sending replacement aviation parts to your logistics team – on the face of it they have nothing in common, in fact they do. They are high value items as well as being incredibly fragile and sensitive to compression, drop, vibration and shock.

So does your protective packaging pass your supply chain test or do you need something a little bit more specialist?
There is an innovative range of protective packaging available specifically designed with these high value items in mind. The JoeyPack range is the truly flexible solution which you can trust to keep your goods safe through the rigors of delivery.

Thoroughly tested and receiving resounding success in the Europe, Acopia are thrilled to be able to offer this in the UK. With 5 packaging innovations in the range – there is Joey Pack solution just perfect for your needs.

The beauty of the range is that the packaging is both the internal protection as well as the shipping box – created after simple assembly. This delivers savings across a whole range of your overheads – transport, storage, productivity and time savings, additional protective packaging, the list goes on.

The range includes retention packaging with crash lock bases and quick fastening that avoids gluing and adapts perfectly around product.
Stretch packaging creates compartments where manuals, remote controls or cabling can be held securely along with the product. This can fit a wide range of components and the stretch film protects corrosion sensitive products.



The Swift solution is the all in one retention packaging which packs around your product in 6 easy steps and is ready to ship in 10 seconds. It also has its own integral sealing and can even be recycled by the recipient!


The Sling is the suspension packaging answer for heavy goods up to 35kg. Assembled in 4 easy steps and the product is securely ‘clamped’ in place and surrounded by a protective stretch film.



The Safe option offers extraordinary protection against shock and vibrations. 6 easy steps and fragile circuit boards and electronics are protected in this lightweight and robust solution.



The Special offers complete protection for laptops, plasma and LCD screens and panels, up to 50kg in weight. Drop tested to UPS standards, the Special offers incredible protection as well as reducing costs on storing and shipment.


Why not talk to us at Acopia about selecting the best packaging solutions from the innovative Joey range for your products so you can enjoy cost reductions and peace of mind too.

With warehouse costs increasing and set to rise further in 2017, a functioning and spacious warehouse has become the new hot property. If your business is lucky enough to secure what little spare warehousing there is left, those still searching will have to contend with chronic shortages as the demand from e-commerce continues to grow.

Kevin Mofid Director of logistics at Savils warned that of 420 million square feet of warehousing space in the UK, there is “very little on the market, and what there is, is going to see its rent increasing”. In 2015 Amazon was utilising 10% of all warehouse demand – this is only set to continue into 2017.

Location, location, location

James Nicholls, architect at Stephen George & Partners commented that whilst warehouse demand still centered around the Midlands, the nature of goods being dispatch is changing which is now being reflected in warehouse design with the call for longer, thinner and taller buildings. Location is of great importance for e-commerce, with some now offering same day delivery, so proximity to good network and distribution links are crucial.

Make the most of what you have

There is lots you can do to release more space in your existing warehousing. These can range from rationalising the stock you hold, having more of your fast moving items and less of what moves slower, to making physical changes to the building’s structure.

A simple inventory check will reveal this and good inventory management is the answer here. An example of when this goes wrong saw a mid-sized consumer goods supplier upon reaching a full warehouse brought in a consultant who revealed that 600 of the 3,000 pallets had not been used for 12 months. It’s time to rationlise and reduce obsolete product.

Perhaps you have the space to add another level such as a mezzanine and have an area of smaller products with spate pick lists. You may be able to use the space over the aisles themselves, creating tunnel racking which can improve load capacity between 5% and 10%.

Store it for FREE – the cheapest option!

At Acopia, we are happy to provide our clients with FREE storage facilities in our secure warehousing, giving you peace of mind that your product is ready whenever you need it. We can get your product wherever it needs to be and you are also more than welcome to collect directly from us.

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