For the most part, an online retailer is able to control their customer’s experience of their brand. They can position and target their image through advertising, social media, the website and customer service – all the usual touch points. However, once the product has left the retailer – the safe delivery is entrusted not only to the shipping agent, but also in the capabilities of your protective packaging.

Delivery can make or break retailers. The wrong agent can result in a poor customer experience that reflects poorly on the retailer. The customer is left asking the question “Why would my favourite shoe shop use such an appalling delivery service? This poor business decision was based purely on cost, rather than fulfilling on their promise to me”.

Meeting Expectations

As ecommerce goes from strength to strength, so does the expectations of online customers. Many years ago, packaging and shipping was just a way of receiving a product purchased online. How that’s all changed! It’s now all part of the shopping experience. With ever increasing competition, retailers and marketeers are looking for ways to packaging to connect with their customers which goes far beyond the simple logistics of on-time delivery in effective yet boring protective packaging. Its has become an opportunity to impress as well as playing a vital role in securing customer loyalty.

Setting Out Your Stall

Packaging and presentation is an effective way to make your deliveries memorable and anticipated. Get this right and your own customers will do your marketing for you! With the power of social media – the new un-boxing phenomena is sweeping You Tube with over 58 million un-boxing videos posted so far. Those personal touches and finishing details can make a lasting impression – and turn you into a You Tube sensation!

If you would like to find out more about secure delivery as well as personalising your packaging and making the most of your brand experience with your customers, talk to the experts at Acopia.