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As the final quarter of a challenging year approaches, reducing business costs and delivering greater efficiencies in your warehouse will no doubt be high on your list of resolutions for 2019. Did you know that a simple product change to your existing despatch and logistics operation can yield staggering savings both in productivity and cost? The answer lies with e-tape! The humble reel of adhesive tape has been re-imagined and transformed to deliver real business benefits.

How e-tape can work for your business

The clever bit is in the revolutionary redesign of the size of the core. So simple, yet this change has the power to transform the bottom line.

In a recent study, a packing line was observed using standard tape, 66 mm rolls fitted on a core size of 75 mm. Each operator would replace the tape every 39 boxes, on average. What this meant was every 16 minutes, the roll needed to be changed. That’s a great deal of downtime over every day, every week, all year – it all added up.

When e-tape was introduced to this company, the results were startling. The clever core design of 50 mm came into its own. With an increased length of tape on each role due to the smaller core, it meant each roll had two and a half times more tape on every reel!

The results!

What did this mean? For this particular company – it saved 45,000 roll changes in 12 months!

What did it mean every day for the packing line? The rolls only needed to be changed 9 times instead of 20 times a day – which meant the operator could pack up to 10 more boxes a day.

So much more than a roll of tape!

So not only can cost savings be found, but there are also the storage benefits as fewer boxes are required. You can also do your bit for the environment too with an eco-friendly variation. It’s also possible to have tape custom printed as well as the recognisable Fragile etc.

Still need convincing?

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