Thank you candy packaging

We take a look forward to what’s going to be important for industry and with consumers next year. With the implications of packaging in the news and single use plastics of  increasing concern – sustainability, ethical sourcing and recycling will no doubt play a key part in decision making in the months ahead. With consumers looking to brands to behave responsibly, the pressure is on to satisfy with functionality as well as eco friendly solutions that still have the WOW factor!

Shopping for Good

Brands have a tremendous opportunity to be trail blazing and support consumers in adopting positive changes to their shopping baskets. Reducing the environmental impact in processes, sign posting what’s recyclable and how, as well as using materials from sustainable sources all contribute to a better brand outcome as well for the planet. Switching over to environmentally packaging could see an increase in sales and customer loyalty. Customers will see a real commitment and this will leave a lasting impression.

Flexible Packaging

This is one of the most sought after and popular formats of packaging. Flexible packaging readily lends itself to branding and its ability to work across many product areas. With reduced packaging weight with the use of pouches for example and other new developments for retail packaging – it results in cost savings as well as less material waste. National Flexible’s SuperEco laminate film, for example, was been used by UK-based organic food company Infinity Foods, one of our clients at Acopia, to re-launch its brand of pre-packed health foods in a package that is oxy-degradable.


Packaging will continue to play a pivotal role in the customer experience. With 20% of all shopping taking place online, the packaging becomes a key touchpoint with the brand. The packaging becomes just as important as what it contains. Creating unique experiences with personalised branding is set to rise with the emphasis on sharing the experience. The Instagram and You Tube platforms are full of the priceless social proof of shared great brand experiences, showcasing the very best (and very worst in some cases) of personalised packaging.

A selection of luxury products and packaging from Apple

Luxury packaging at its very best

Lap of Luxury

Luxury and specialty packaging is synonymous with premium brands – it becomes an integral part of the brand’s image and research shows that consumers are willing to pay more if packaging looks appealing and luxurious. As well as adding to the value of the product, it also increases brand engagement. The luxury packaging market is forecast to continue to grow by 4.4% reaching $17.6 billion in 2019*

Connect with your customer

The moral of the story is that your packaging is another channel to engage with your customers who will anticipate the next ‘chapter’ of the conversation.


Want to try something different? Talk to the team at Acopia to see how we can help you use innovative packaging to engage with your customers.


*“The Future of Luxury Packaging to 2019”. Smithers Pira. Retrieved 2015-01-08