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Everyone has a responsibility to reduce single use plastics.

That’s why we want your garden centres to have a sustainable Spring 2020! Watch our video to find out more and call us on 0845 075 6111 to discuss a greener 2020!

Black out fabrics

Our highly popular black-out fabric is perfect for bringing a touch of drama to your garden centre window or shop displays. Fully flame retardant it comes in standard and heavy duty weights.

It’s just perfect for creating atmosphere in seasonal attractions like Halloween displays and Christmas grottos!

Blackout cloth

Printed & bespoke bags

Get your garden centre brand in front of more customers quickly and effectively with bespoke printed bags.

Let your loyal customers become your brand ambassadors as they spread the word about your garden centre with amongst minded people with a beautiful printed carrier bag!

Postal Packaging

Growing your online presence? Talk to us about our mailing range developed specifically for garden centres to ensure your plants and accessories arrive with your customers in perfect condition.

We can also provide bespoke packaging based around your e-commerce range.

Paper Plant Sleeves

A popular product available in a range of styles, a plant sleeve just adds a little extra wow to the customer experience.

Pop their plant purchases into an eco friendly stylish plant sleeve and what’s more, printing options just give you another opportunity to let your brand shine!

Paper Plant Sleeves

Our Top Product Eco Swaps

Carrier Bags

Plant Sleeves

Bin Bags

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