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Grip Film – when less is always more

Save with Grip Film

Are you looking to build greater safety efficiency into your logistics operation? The Grip Film System has been designed for the busy warehouse bringing a huge advantage in process that will yield real results.

As well as environmental and H&S benefits, Grip Film delivers tangible savings and a huge reduction in single use plastics that you’ll be proud to let your customers know all about!

Make the switch to save 40% throughout your despatch process!

  • 40% saving on every pallet load from day 1
  • 40% saving on roll changes means more pallets prepared faster
  • 40% saving on space leaving more room for your profit making products
  • 40% saving on transport needs means a massively reduced carbon footprint
  • 40% saving on single use plastic dependency
  • 40% saving on plastic going to landfills!

Your customers will love everything you’re doing to save the planet! eco world

It’s time to do more with less!

Ask us about Grip Film for your warehouse, get your free sample and dispenser and Make The Switch!

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