It’s been a long hard struggle to bring your new product to market and customers love your ‘next big thing’ but has your packaging been an afterthought? Will you be able to despatch safely? Will it reflect your brand? Will it engage your customers? Getting the packaging right for any product is so crucial to its continued success. We take a look at what you need to consider before your launch.

What your product needs – what your customer will love

Your product will have specific packaging requirements to ensure it is kept looking its best during its lifestyle as well as appealing to your demographic. The packaging should fit the product, not the other way round. Compromising on the packaging will damage your brand – as well as potentially your product! How will your product be shipped? Will it need to fight for attention in a store? Well designed packaging will need to consider all aspects of the journey post-production.

Will the packaging attract the customer when browsing online or in-store? Will they find it appealing? Does it reflect the brand? Does it pitch the product correctly in the price bracket? Is the packaging suited to the product? Can your potential customer be influenced into buying on the strength of the packaging?

Work with a partner



Taking a product to market can be overwhelming and mistakes costly. Working with a trusted partner can help you navigate around a maze of potential pitfalls. From helping you to optimise your packaging line as well as ensuring product delivery in perfect condition using the most efficient methods and materials available – an industry expert can save you time and money getting your products to market quicker or improving your operation for existing products.

Creating a special un-boxing experience will also be important for delighting your customer base to developing loyal repeat purchases and extend the essence of your brand right down in those finishing touches. It’s an opportunity for clever messaging, unexpected use of colour and a chance to make a brand connection.

At Acopia, we have over 42 years of experience in helping brands take product to market with expert industry advice gained by working with diverse products and sectors.

If you require advice on your next big thing – give our friendly team a call!