Once again Apple were ahead of the game when they launched their new retail experience show pieces (see our blog from September 2017). Designed around anticipating customer needs and providing a reason to visit their shops other than just to buy products, keeps Apple as one of the most successful consumer brands. With their landscaped locations, help desks and comfortable rest areas, Apple’s intention was to provide a space for the community to relax and enjoy, and maybe – just maybe – buy the latest iphone!

We know that retail continues to evolve to keep pace with consumer demand. It’s also interesting to see which brands are getting this right – what do they have in common to keep customers flooding through their doors? Great brands have a great story, they engage their audience who buy-in to their journey and their values and they find a place in the “community”. Luxury brands such as Joules and design house Kate Spade are the first to admit that their story finds its place with their customers and consequently firmly on the high street. Mary Beech the Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Kate Spade commented “Our goal is to continually be telling our story, ensuring we create thoughtful, unique programming and engaging with our customer whenever or wherever she wants”. This was put into action with an augmented reality campaign to publicise the launch of its Paris store.

Retailers Creating Experiences

Community Retail


Community Hubs is something we will be hearing more about in the coming weeks and months as retailers continue to take a look at their offer and what more they can do to become integral to the high street, providing more reasons to visit.  Retailment is about providing customers with a fun and unique experience instore. Walmart stores in Little Rock Arkansas had the idea to bring in professional bullfighters to sign autographs instore which was a huge hit and resulted in increased footfall as well as media coverage. A stunt such as using real people in shop windows instead of mannequins which was done by NY&C store in Cerritos was another great way of getting the local community involved and talking about the store. When was the last time you saw a shop window full of “live mannequins”!

Standing out from the crowd

No matter what else continues to change on the high street, creating a welcoming space and environment which showcases your products will never go out of fashion. If you need help or advice on planning your next retail adventure – be it a popup, boutique, trade counter or charity – we can help you get a great return on investment.

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