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This week saw the much anticipated launch of the latest Apple products – delivered in another spectacular presentation of advanced features that leave competitors in their wake. Interestingly they might not always be first to market with the latest technology – Samsung have enjoyed domination with the Edge for many years – but now the Iphone X has landed with a responsive full screen, no home button and with 3D facial recognition – your face is now the password! The list of innovations is seemingly endless.  Bring on a new era of customer experience! Oh and the marketing? Sublime!

The Apple Watch that doesn’t need a phone

The latest edition of the Apple Watch Series 3 allows you to stay connected – without your phone! It’s a stunning step forward and with another upgrade to the exercise app, the Series 3 takes your workout partner to another level. Functionality to upload your workout playlists directly to your watch gives the wearer new freedom on an unprecedented scale.

The data that Apple has collected from all its users of their exercise app has been collated and analysed to help their customers even further. The data has allowed incredible improvements to the heart rate app so it can notify wearers if their heart begins to beat irregularly it will alert the user to possible health conditions. No other brand has taken their customer relationship to such a personal level.

Your new Community

Apple is the fastest growing retailer in history, engineering a ‘cult’ following as it continues to push the boundaries with technology and customer experience. Their vision of their new retail stores are about building and creating communities. Their staff are scrutinised and need to demonstrate that they are completely wedded to the Apple culture before they are let loose on the sales floor. The saying goes that it’s harder to get a job at Apple than be accepted accepted at Stanford University. It shows the importance Apple places on the in-store experience and the need to reflect and support the online brand promise.

The new retail store will create an immersive customer experience with access to developers so customers feel that they are playing a role in the next generation of products. The Genius Bar is now the Genius Grove accented by trees and outdoor areas and hubs or learning centers to find out more about iPhone photography and Apple Music for example, as well as informal coffee areas and sections where new businesses and start ups can get advice from their app developers. Apple are positioning themselves as the go-to place in the local community for work, rest and play, an indispensable part of your world.

Being constantly able to anticipate and lead change and being able to offer more reasons to visit instore is the key to unlocking continued retail success.


Image Credits: Apple