How much would a new pallet wrap machine cost?

It’s no secret, pallet wrap machines aren’t cheap. But why would you invest in a more expensive machine when what you’ve got is already doing the job?

A second hand or cheap pallet wrap machine may seem like a bargain compared to newer machines. However, if you’re wrapping upwards of 40 pallets a day or you have a machine over 5 years old – it may be a good time to think about what savings this investment would bring.

With newer machines comes the latest ideas in technology. Think of how fast mobile phones have evolved over the last few years! Well, this is the same with new developments taking place every year. This means you can wrap pallets cheaper and quicker. Something else you’ll love to know is in the amount of plastic you’ll be using can be cut by over 50%.

Robopac Pallet Wrap Machine

Making the most of your pallet wrap machine investment

The real secret to bringing down your cost per pallet is when you combine the investment of a new machine with the stretch capabilities of a high performance film such as Nutech film. This partnership will deliver unparalleled results. Just see our case study below;

Case Study

Our client was using a 23mu film at a very competitive market rate at around £1.50 / kg. They were using a ‘brake stretch’ machine which meant it had very limited stretch capabilities of only around 50%. They were using 1.5 rolls a day, or 24kgs of waste product going straight to landfill.

Our solution was to first turn to the Robopac pallet wrap machine range, and our recommendation meant a significant investment of £6,800. But when we provided a detailed breakdown of where they were going to see savings, it made sense…

They were spending £9,000 per annum on pallet wrap, around 6 pallets of film. This was running at 50% stretch. Using our high performance film brought down their annual expense to just £1,780. Our Nutech high performance film was coping fine at stretch levels of 250%.

In addition it provided a plastic saving of 86%!

Following these trials, we installed a new Robopac machine which paid for itself in 11 months

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