The Office After Lock Down

As we all head back to work, keeping safe will be in everyone’s thoughts. Many will be asking what will life be like at work after lock down? Is it safe? What risk assessments have been done? What changes can be expected and what would many hope to see? Covid 19 has completely changed how we approach life and simple things like the commute to work now needs planning and protective equipment. Reassuring staff as they return that their welfare is key will be important. Employers will need to manage best practice by reminding customers and visitors to adhere to social distancing. These are just some of the new challenges ahead.

Life after lock down at the office

Have you noticed people queuing patiently outside shops? But once inside in a familiar setting, maintaining the required 2 meter distance seems quickly forgotten? It’s the same for the office. Reminding staff to change habits will be a challenge. Yes they might have all read the risk assessments but when it comes to entering the shared staff canteen or kitchen to grab a coffee, it’s easily forgotten.

While there are those individuals with a more relaxed attitude, employers will also have to find a way to navigate round those staff who are anxious about returning to work. In a recent survey of shop workers, only 19% stated they felt safe at work and that was down to their employer supplying adequate PPE.

There are lots of things an employer can do to keep teams alert and moving safely round your premises.

Keeping Covid 19 front of mind

Social distancing floor sticker

Social distancing Wall & Floor Sticker

Whilst we would all probably like to forget about the start to 2020, keeping what has happened front of mind will reduce the risk of the resurgence of Coronavirus. There are a number of visual reminders that you can use such as floor and wall stickers. There are many standard versions and also bespoke options to suit your particular set up.

With the anti-slip example shown here, this could be used on either floors and walls. Other examples can have other specific instructions again depending on your requirements. Warning floor tape can also do the job and these again can have a bespoke message.

When it comes to open plan offices and protecting staff at their desks, screens are a quick solution. As they are transparent, they don’t cause a physical barrier with multi-functional teams. There is still the opportunity for safe collaborative working. These can be available in different colours and branded options too.

Products for protection against Covid 19

Virakleen Coronavirus Sanitiser

Virakleen Coronavirus Sanitiser

These measures will help with changing habits but to keep everyone safe, the encouragement of good hand hygiene is absolutely crucial. Setting up hand sanitising stations at entrances and exits and high traffic areas will certainly help. Making hand sanitiser readily available for your teams will reassure staff that you are thinking of their welfare. Pump top options are best as this limits contact and of course contact free dispensers offer a great solution.

Coming back to work after the long lock down also provides an opportunity to clean desks and put a good cleaning regimen in place. Set up a cleaning rota so everyone gets involved. Make sure to use a sanitiser that is specifically formulated against Covid 19. Ordinary antibacterial spray won’t be effective against Coronvirus. A product that has been really popular with our customers has been Virakleen which is a virucidal spray.  It can be used on hard surfaces as well as soft furnishings.

So these are just some of the things you can do to protect your team, giving them confidence that they are safe to return to work after lock down.

Working with a PPE supplier who can advise and help you get a safe system in place is a great place to start. We have a large range of products to get you up and running quickly, take a look here to see what you may need for your office: