Do you have a clear direction and focus for 2017 on how to keep your brand relevant, keeping existing customers and winning new ones?

What’s your strategy in making your retail space more exciting, unexpected and enticing? Some retailers encourage customers into their stores by offering the opportunity for them to experience new products and a wider selection. Sainsbury’s Nine Elms store has a mini Habitat concession, Macy’s new store has revamped its cosmetics department and now provides beauty services, and Amazon may be looking to open pop-up stores in the UK as an extension to their US strategy. Return per square foot continues to be the benchmark for space productivity and a partner with a complementary product or service can also help boost this margin. Retailers will continue to experiment and learn from these advances, choose partners where appropriate in order to improve the return on their space. The name of the game this year is certainly to try new things, invest in new ventures in order to keep moving and ahead and predicting customer trends.

Innovate to Resonate

Not every retail space has the opportunity to include mini conessions, add new services or completely change product lines. One thing you can have complete control over is your ‘brand theatre’ and how you project the essence of your brand in-store.

Dramatic lighting can play a huge role in attracting and enagaging customers. The Amercian clothing fashion chain Hollister is famous for its in-store lighting as this is a natural extension of their brand. Their target audience is 14-18 year olds and the aim is to recreate a ‘club-like enviroment’. Whilst parents are bemused with the dimly lit conditions, their children are in their element!

Hollister setting the mood in-store

Ring in the Changes

Enhancing your in-store environment, maintaining a contemporary look and remaining relevant will be key in 2017. Look at your lighting – could this work harder for you – setting the scene for a more relaxed buying environment for your retail space? Are your mannequins old fashioned? Are they putting people off coming in? Have your display stands seen better days? Are your display areas adaptable and portable allowing you to give the impression of change in-store? Have you considered your customer flow and does your store layout optimise every opportunity?

If all this sounds overwhelming, help is at hand! Acopia are experts in Space Planning, Project Management, Shop Fittings and Fit-Out. We have an incredible team who work with you every step of the way to achieve your vision. Let us help you transform your retail space and help create your very own ‘brand theatre’!

Call the team on 0845 075 6111 and find out more about our services.

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