Holiday packaging

Festive packaging is the perfect way to have some fun with your brand and create something which your customers will look forward to every year. When the first days of winter are heralded by Starbuck’s latest holiday themed coffee cups, which has now become a firm tradition with customers, what’s stopping you creating the same buzz and anticipation around your brand this Christmas? We take a look at some ideas that can be easily implemented, that engages customers and keeps them coming back year after year!

Enhance your customer’s unboxing experience this Christmas

Brown shipping box with Christmas branding

Consider festive branding on your packaging

Nothing says ‘value’ more to a customer than a bespoke festive design printed on your shipping packaging. What better time to delight and make a special occasion of receiving your parcel! Depending on your brand, this could be a stylish subtle addition to your packaging or something more bold and colourful. It’s time to get creative and the possibilities are endless to capture a bit of festive magic and sparkle! It could be something as simple as changing your logo to seasonal colours or going full out with printing in silver or gold foil for a touch of luxury.

If you don’t have time to produce a festive edition of your parcels, how about looking at developing seasonal tape or large stylish labels to carry your message and make it feel different from your usual shipments.

It doesn’t have to be costly, how about a simple festive ribbon to add a bit of wow to your packaging. Nothing shouts luxury and glamour more than ribbon. It’s just a small and inexpensive addition to your process that brings unexpected cheer and is most likely to be kept by your customers too. You can keep this simple with a festive design or include your logo for something more distinctive and personal.

The Personal Touch

Brown gift card with red writing

A cheery Christmas thank you!

It’s the perfect time of year to say thank you to your loyal customers and what better than a personal note to thank them for their custom over the year as well as being an opportunity to welcome new ones. This could be something handwritten or made to look as such so it still looks special. A simple gift tag with a festive theme as a thank you is just as good. Perhaps you could include a company Christmas card or a photograph of the team in festive attire – your customers will love this simple gesture.

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Happy holidays!

Main image via Glossier