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In a typical retail environment, overheads account for at least a quarter of all operating costs, which in turn could equate to between 6-8% of revenues.

Tackling this is often deemed to be a formidable task, too involved to justify the time spent. However, by using a specialist supplies company for all consumables sourcing, surprising savings can be achieved.
We understand your challenges, especially how spend is perceived by donors. They want to know that as much of what they invest with you gets passed on directly to those in need. Donors want to believe in accountability and responsible spending – making their donated pounds work hard. The overhead debate is one that charities need to manage effectively. Typically donors think about 10% of their donations at worst are apportioned to administration.

The overhead debate is one that charities need to manage effectively and this is the one area that charities can make real cost savings by taking simple steps to manage where consumables and Goods Not For Resale are bought.

As a proud member of the Charity Retail Association, Acopia are the single source supplier of choice for the charity sector. Working in partnership with charity and hospice retailers across the UK, we can deliver tangible savings not only to your profit and loss, but also to your resource and administration too.

We have developed a bespoke portal to provide complete visibility of product ordering across multiple outlets so you are always in control of spend. Keeping spend with a single source will reduce administration costs as well as saving vaulable time for your staff.

Talk to one of our team on 0845 075 6111 and find out how we can make those all important savings for you.

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