With so many packaging solutions on the market, it’s easy to find one that suits your particular product, no matter how niche. However, there are times that when it is not always so simple and that’s when you need expert advice to help you ensure your precious mechanise not only arrives at its destination in prestine condition, its internal packaging also creates a wondeful un-boxing experience for your customer.

Innovation in packaging is something we excel at and with our collaborative approach, we work with you to understand your needs and challenges. Understanding your product is also important to us so our recommendations can fully resonate with your audience as well as satisfying your delivery needs.

With over 40 years in the industry, creating bespoke packaging is one of the many specialisms we have developed, gained with working with many of our clients who need something a bit special or different!

Often converations will start with simple sketches like the ones below before they are developed further.

We take alot of time right at the start as we work towards prototypes to make sure we have considered everything that is relevant to the particular product from logistical criteria such as weight and fragility to the brand and intended audience.

Once the design concept has been agreed – we then produce a number of prototypes for testing to ensure the packaging delivers all that it needs to and all internal compenents, if required, do their job as well as look great! We then work to the finished product, keeping the client aware at each development stage,  and the result can be just stunning.


Peper Harrow came to us with their prestigious merchandise – high end quality socks for men. They wanted the packaging to reflect their premium product and we designed a unique packaging solution which really showcased their product and the exclusive nature of it. They were delighted with the end result.

Talk to our product development team today and see what we can do to not only bring your product to life – but also get it to its desination safe and sound.



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