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With single use plastics and recycling very much in the spotlight, consumers are focused on making better buying decisions based on environmental factors. Consumers are expecting more from the brands they buy from. Brands that are slow to look at being environmentally responsible will soon be the exception rather than the norm. Buying responsibly sometimes isn’t so clear or easy so we have made it easy to spot your opportunity to ‘shop for good’ on our website with our eco mark. This is your reassurance that products have been made from a truly sustainable source or have environmental benefits.

Our Eco symbol – what it means for your business

Sustainable packaging goes beyond purely reducing the environmental impact, brands want to be seen embracing this important component of their product supply. With the digital arena becoming the modern day word of mouth, end user approval and recommendations of your greener packaging solutions will help to lock-in an ethical customer base who will happily talk positively about your brand. It’s your opportunity to set the standard.

Making even small changes to your packaging can make all the difference and will allow you to promote your greener choices and show your customers you care. From simply choosing brown paper self adhesive tape (an ecological alternative to vinyl and polypropylene) to creating your own protective packaging by recycling your cardboard waste with a shredder (where considerable cost savings are to be made too) – there are lots of opportunities to make a difference.

Recyclable packaging

Recyclable packaging

Our green solutions won’t cost the earth

We carry a range of greener options that have been hand picked on merit. These come from sustainable sources or have been made using a significant proportion of recycled materials. Their impact on the wider environment is also of concern of us and we want to ensure that these products have the fewest ecological implications as possible.

So take a look at our website and search for greener options on your favourite products and we are also happy to help you if you need further help and advice for going green!




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