Pallet Wrap

Pallet Wrap

Extensive pallet wrap range

We bring you the big brands in our extensive pallet wrap range. This is your complete guide to secure product distribution using high performance, premium film for hand applicators as well as machine wrap film options to take the strain.

Eco friendly solutions

With pre-stretched film options as well as colour coded choices for security or food use, as well as eco-friendly pallet wrap solutions – our selection showcases the very best and the very latest pallet wraps on the market today.

Grip Film

If you’re concerned about reducing the amount of single use plastic in your logistics operations as well as needing to build in greater safety and efficiency, this product is for you. Grip Film is a high performance film that delivers tangible cost savings as well as huge environmental and safety benefits for the busy warehouse.  Use up to 40% less film in your despatch process.  This film has the stick of Blown film on the inside and nonstick on the outside so giving you the best of both worlds as it sticks to its self but not to the pallet next to it. Available in clear, blue for food use and black for security purposes


We have 4 great options for you in the Megastretch high performance film range. This strong stretch film is available in light to heavy duty variants and provide consistent and reliable security for loads in transit. Choose from Cast Film which sticks to itself for greater load stability, Blown Film which is tacky on both sides and great for cold storage use, black film for security and Megastretch Plus for an eco-friendly alternative and reduction of use of single use plastics.

E-Stretch Hyper e-stretch


More than twice the length of standard rolls is just one of the amazing benefits of E-Stretch. This results in reduced production downtime with fewer roll changes and a reduction in carbon footprint with distribution thus making this an eco-friendly pallet wrap.  A much thinner film at just 7 microns yet is just as strong as a 20 micron standard film which means lighter yet stronger loads. With triple reinforced edges, loads are secure with half the environmental impact. Available in clear, blue or black.

Megastretch Machine Film


Available in both standard and power pre-stretch up to 300% and pre-stretched options, these high quality machine pallet wrap films are compatible with most machines with most models. The standard film is for use with brake-stretch systems while the pre-stretch option is for use with a machine with a dual roller power pre-stretch system. Both are available in a variety of lengths, gauges and colours. We can now even offer bespoke prints on these films. With excellent memory capabilities, Megastretch delivers both speed and stability to your despatch process.

Megatop Pallet Top Sheets

Keep your wrapped pallet loads protected in transit with these pallet covers which are supplied on a roll. These are perfect for additional protection from dust and moisture during transport or storage as well as providing that extra piece of mind with outstanding load stability. Available in either clear or black.

pallet tops

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