Pop Up Shops are fast becoming a new addition to the high street – or any street! With innovative ‘shop’ designs and products, they have captured the market and the imagination of shoppers on street corners across the UK. From shipping containers, to shoes boxes to shelters – these show stopping showrooms are seeing their concepts embraced with over 10,500 shops in the UK in August 2015.

This new niche sector is generating growth – with £2.3 bn from July 2014 to August 2015 and pop-up retail sales increasing by 12.2% while total retail sales in comparison only saw growth of 1.1%. This new market is anything but temporary – even though the structures themselves are!

Reaching new audiences

Most retailers would agree that the Pop Up shop was once the domain of the new start-up promising unique products in a unique environment. Today however, it has been embraced by main stream retailers who want to engage a new hip audience and make people think differently about their brand. Even luxury brands are re-writing their brand positioning ‘rule books’ and are using these opportunities to reach and resonate with different audiences.

adidas pop up shop

Adidas shows incredible innovation with this show stopping Pop Up Shop

Try a new product range

Pop Up Shops are the perfect place to try out new product lines and gain valuable customer feedback in a more informal setting. Creating a buzz around a brand and a new product launch – what could be better than creating an intimate environment which provides an exclusive backdrop to proceedings! The marketing value from something like this alone is priceless.

Making the Inside as Dramatic as The Outside

Once you have settled on an innovative exterior – it’s time to think about the interior. Once inside, merchandise still needs to look at its best and reflect the vibe and the ambiance of your in store exterior. Working with a supplier that can be flexible enough to cater for unusual premises and advise on making the most of your space is a must.

Acopia have been supplying retail consumables for over 20 years and work with our clients to bring their retail vision to life, not only with expert store planning and design, but also with unique display solutions. We provided the in store fittings for client Priscilla Bacon Hospice which opened to huge interest and success in a bright pink shipping container! It’s important that the product displays are in keeping with the exterior and chosen merchandise to create a seamless effect and we provided solutions that reflected the amazing concept.

If you would like to know more about what we can do to support your next venture – get in touch with our friendly team!