Save money and the planet with the Grip Film system!

Save money and the planet with the Grip Film system!

With a global focus on the world’s consumption and reckless disposal of single use plastics, consumers are looking more from brands to trail blaze, innovate and lead the way in plastic reduction. Supermarket Lidl, for example, are aiming to use 50 percent recyclable materials for its own-brand packaging by 2025 and will be phasing out their 5 p carrier bags across its stores.  Last year it took the bold step to remove all of its single use bags. All this could result in the reduction of over 67 million bags and 134 tonnes of plastic every year – and that’s just one supermarket brand. Just imagine if more followed suit!

Make the switch to Grip Film

Brands should continue to be concerned about any role in contributing to this global problem with implications for their brand image if they are not seen to be actively seeking out more ways to reduce impact on the environment. Through out all aspects of supply and distribution, plastic has become the material of choice. There are however smart product switches that can lessen impact as well as costs, one such product is Grip Film. Designed for the busy warehouse, Grip Film creates incredible savings right across stock holding and despatch processes.

Grip Film benefits

The list of benefits goes on and on, as well as a 40% cost saving per pallet load from day one what Grip Film can deliver in terms of a reduced carbon foot print is astonishing. As well as making your process faster, safer and more efficient, there is a 40% saving on plastic going into landfills. This is something any brand would be proud to shout about and let their customers know they are doing their bit to save the planet!

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