Account Services and Sales Support

Account Services and Sales Support

Account Services

We treat our customers as people, not as numbers on a balance sheet.

We have a team of dedicated Account Managers and Account Directors who take care of every aspect of your account, from initial evaluation through to delivery. Our team have an in depth knowledge of all our products and are available to advise on the very best solutions for your business.

If you have any queries, you can call your familiar account handling team and they will be on hand to support you without delay.

Talk to us: 0845 075 6111

Sales Support

If you place an order with Acopia, we want to make sure that order is fulfilled to your satisfaction.

Our Sales Support team are dedicated, detailed and determined to see through any special requirements with any non-stock orders, and make sure that deliveries are ordered and placed on time. Speak to them if you need an estimate for a special order. If there are problems with a delivery or the quality of service, these are the people who will sort it out.

We also have a Customer Service team who ensure that the service we’re providing is high quality and forward-thinking every time. If you ever feel we have fallen short in this aim, please let the Customer Service team know.

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