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Committed to caring, ready to listen, eager to learn: we see procurement from your side of the table.

Goods Not For Resale

At Acopia, we make it our business to know your business. We are the leading Goods Not For Resale specialists, providing industry essentials and consumables, keeping your business running smoothly and effectively everyday.

Although our roots go back to 1976, we remain a family owned business,  and we provide a fully collaborative approach to support effortless and cost saving procurement, free warehousing and free next day delivery – our end to end service is built around you. 

Single Source Procurement

For the companies we work with, GNFR normally represents up to 25% of their operating costs and by removing hidden costs through consolidating the spend of these items, we help you unlock the potential of GNFR through single source procurement.

The corner stone of our business is our person-to-person service with partnerships based on tangible added value. Working with Acopia gives you access to industry experts  and you’ll soon see us as an extension of your office!

Supplier of goods not for resale to the retail industry

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