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The British love affair with the high street is far from over – the relationship is just changing that’s all. Just like in all good relationships, needs and requirements change over time. In a recent survey, it was revealed that when a consumer wants to make an important purchase, two thirds would buy in-store rather than relying on buying online. So the future looks bright with over 81% of consumers stating they intended to visit the high street within the next 12 months in contrast of 60% that will do so online, providing the high street can continue to satisfy.

To keep the love affair alive, the high street needs to respond and anticipate. Remaining agile and ahead of the technology curve is one idea that could see shoppers coming back for more. 70% of shoppers want to see more in-store technology to improve the experience such as tablets, kiosks or touch screen devices. It showed that 60% of customers who used a tablet where provided went onto purchase the product they were considering – that’s a powerful conversion rate!

The survey also showed that shoppers are intolerant of queues – nothing new there – and 54% would like to see more Point Of Sale Options, especially in peak times.  The return on investment here is potentially huge with 53% of consumers stating they would pay higher prices for a better in-store experience! It’s enough to make a retail giant’s heart skip a beat!

Ian Gilmartin, Head of Retail & Wholesale at Barclays commented that “Our research reveals that the public still see the high street as an essential part of the shopping experience and as a national treasure they want to see protected”

Creating that immersive seamless experience means change. Giving shoppers an exceptional customer experience is high up on the list of wants such as more knowledgeable staff, more intuitive shop layouts and entertainment for the ‘non-shopping’ members of the family or group. It can mean taking a fresh look at the store layout, creating new spaces and using new display solutions for in-store technology hubs for example.

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