Effortless pricing with our tagging gun

As with all tools and equipment on the market, there are always variations in quality and how efficiently they do their job. The same is true of the humble tagging gun used for pricing up clothing. An intrinsic part of the customer experience after spotting a potential next purchase is the need to know if it fits their budget. We all know how frustrating it can be when we can’t find the price tag however, only when putting ourselves in the retailer’s shoes did we expose how much time and effort goes into pricing everyday items especially with low quality, un-reliable tools, whilst labelling up large quantities of garments.

So that’s exactly what we did.  We put ourselves in our customers shoes to understand more about what challenges are caused when dealing with poor quality tagging guns and attachments whilst asking ourselves what can we do to solve this?  We also addressed the ongoing requests for a sustainable alternative as, unless you’re prepared to hand tie all of your tickets (which would take an age!), this is a process that uses a lot of single use plastic and we wanted to do our part in offering a solution.

What’s the price range for tagging guns?

What tagging gun is best for me?

What tagging gun is best for me?

The market leader in tagging accessories is the Avery Dennison branded tagging range including a tagging gun, tagging needles and plastic attachments.  This brand sits at the top end with a price tag to match as you would expect to pay around £12 for their standard MK3 gun.

At the other end of the scale, we have the Arrow MK1 economy gun which is also reflected in the price tag of around £4.00 however, the general feedback is that these are not so robust for high volume use


Velo – the new tagging gun on the retail block

Velo the new tagging gun

Velo the new tagging gun


Introducing Velo, our new tagging range that offers equivalent reliability to the Avery Dennison range but with a much more attractive price point.  This product forms part of the Acopia brand portfolio, designed specifically around user feedback.  We wanted to eliminate the possibility of frustrating jamming and wasted product as well as offering a sustainable solution – all with an attractive price tag!

The Velo Rapide tagging gun is ergonomically designed to make prolonged use comfortable and it’s easy to use. Throughout the product design process and prototype testing, performance was of paramount importance to us. We have been able to massively reduce the occurence of tagging gun jamming. And the best bit? The cost is from as little as £5.00 depending on purchased quantities.

We have also been able to give our customers what they want by being one of the first UK distributors of 100% recycled tagging attachments.  Our tagging attachments are made completely from post-consumer waste and are also recyclable too so it’s a real end to end sustainable solution.

How have we reduced jamming with the Velo tagging gun?

Yes it was a lot about product design – but more to do with the actual tagging attachment itself.  We noticed that the quality of low cost attachments was gradually becoming more and more inferior and by making sure that we sourced a top quality product has allowed us to virtually eradicate this problem.  And the even better news, our recycled attachments are compatible with a lot of other brands including the Avery Dennison so you can still benefit from reduced jamming even if you have already made the investment of an Avery or other brand gun.

What does this all add up to?

So if your retail organisation is looking to start their journey on sustainable procurement, recycled tagging attachments is a great place to start. Or even if you’re already well on your way with your sustainable strategy, this is an easy product swap that will make a huge difference to both reducing landfill contributions as well as saving time for your in-store staff.

Of course, saving money is always important and we’re confident that your bottom line will benefit positively with Velo!  If you’d like to know more or would like a sample of our recycled tagging attachments, just get in touch with us using the form below!

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