Eco friendly alternatives to bubble wrap

For over sixty years, bubble wrap has been the go-to product for the busy warehouse looking for fast reliable protective packaging and void fill. However, with single-use plastics coming under ever more scrutiny with consumers unable to add bubble wrap straight into their curbside recycling, eco-friendly alternatives are coming to the fore. At Acopia, we have seen a marked increase in customers looking for this.

In response to this demand, we launched NEST an e-commerce packaging range, completely dedicated to sustainability. This included many products made from recycled content, from FSC accredited sources, some we were able to locally source for reduced carbon footprint wins and all are 100% recyclable. So let’s take a look at some of the eco-friendly alternatives that are proving popular with our clients.

Tesslewrap (or Geami Paper)

Tesslewrap - an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap

Tesslewrap – an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap

This is a product that’s really sought after – and it’s easy to see why! Tesslewrap not only looks attractive, it’s also an excellent eco alternative to bubble wrap. This packaging solution consists of a die-cut paper roll with a white tissue paper lining layer. It’s optional as to whether you choose to have the tissue liner, but if you’re going for aesthetics, you’d probably want it. It’s 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable with no need for end-users to travel to special recycling facilities. One of its USP’s is guarding against ‘shock’. That’s made possible through the die-cut outer paper. Honeycomb in structure, it fully protects fragile goods against hard knocks and transport.

What’s really special however is how it looks. A whole lot nicer than bubble wrap, packaging has never looked so appealing! Whether used as a void filler or for wrapping products – customers are sure to love it! Equally at home on the shop or trade counter or an eCommerce situation, If you want to make a statement with your packaging – this may well be the product for you.

You can shop for Tesslewrap here

SnugShell product protection

SnugShell - an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap

SnugShell – an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap

An innovative new product that is perfect for glassware, ceramics, bottles, jars and food and drink items. Snugshell comes in three sizes and fits elegantly around products like a protective sleeve. It has a clever integral base that provides added protection where needed most. The even better news is that it is made from FSC accredited sources as well as being 100% recyclable. We’re sure you’ll agree – it looks so much nicer than bubble wrap too!

SnugShell can also be made to bespoke sizes and colours to be matched to your brand or product.

Our quick video below shows you all about it and  you can shop for Snugshell here


Zigglefil – Kraft Eco Paper Void fill

Zigglefill - an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap

Zigglefill – an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap

Another innovation in product protection, and this one is rather special. We think this is possibly the most eco-friendly void fills on the market today! You already know this product if you have had a quick look at Snugshell as Zigglefil is a by-product created through Snugshell’s manufacture. It’s supplied in random widths as it’s made from different sized Snugshell sleeves.

But the eco-credentials don’t stop there, Zigglefil arrives in recyclable, reusable cartons, sealed with paper tape. You already know it starts life from FSC accredited sources and is 100% recyclable. Green from end to end, Zigglefil is perfect for void fill as well as product presentation. It’s a really attractive and cost-effective alternative to bubble wrap.

Great for bulky items and for those more delicate products, we also have a range of coloured Zigglefil shredded paper which is perfect for smaller items or when you really want to inject a splash of colour! You can see more on that range here.

Watch it in action in the video below and you can shop for Zigglefil here


Innovation in eco-friendly packaging

It’s clear to see that the necessity in reducing environmental impact is the driving force behind the change with many new eco-friendly packaging products appearing on the market. Our NEST range certainly continues to grow as we see increased product innovation to reduce plastic and make it easier for consumers to play their part in recycling their waste packaging. We’ve seen that these products can certainly play the same role as plastic in terms of function and product protection qualities.  And where 67% of consumers prefer to see online orders arriving in paper packaging, it certainly makes sense for those brands keen to increase their eco-credentials to use these alternatives to bubble wrap.

If you would like to know more or receive a free sample on any of the products mentioned here or in our NEST range, please just get in touch using the form below!

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