2017 is being predicted to be the year to see the biggest shift away from the high street so far. We saw this in post Christmas sales with empty high streets but on-line retailers were busier than ever.

With some on-line giants now offering same day delivery, the high street is losing some of its appeal. The convienence of shopping at home and being able to effortlessly compare products and prices has become the new shopping habit.

2016 saw on-line sales in retail of over £91 billion and 30% of all shopping in the UK is now done via e-commerce. The way we shop and access products has changed forever and retailers have a challenge on their hands to meet and exceed customer expectations to match their bricks and mortar counterparts.

The 2016 Deloitte Retail Sales Survey found that 71% of consumers stated that free shipping was a distinct advantage when purchasing on-line. The final delivery is of huge importance to the savvy shopper – they want their products delivered on-time and undamaged. Retailers need to balance efficient deliveries to streamline costs and overheads as well as retaining customers with products arriving in pristine condition.

Getting this wrong can be costly. The power of social media and user experience of brands and products can make or break. Consumers are much less influenced by paid media, preferring to listen to peers and associates. This social influence is the new mechanism for product and brand review. The new camera for a birthday present arriving damaged is a headache and a disapointment for the consumer and could potentially stop a future sale. Poor protective packaging reflects badly on the retailer as it is seen by the consumer as lacking in care and attention to detail.

Working with a packaging partner who can assess individual packaging needs can ensure you are cost efficient and using the right packaging for the right products, supporting a great consumer experience and future sales.

Why not speak to our team about a product packaging review and let us work with you to ensure you are cost effective as well as ticking all the right boxes with your customers!

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