Packaging is often described as ‘the silent salesman’, creating subconscious connections with consumers at the crucial time of purchase. Visual performance in increasingly crowded markets has become vital as brands compete for attention. New brands are able to take advantage of and harness latest design trends which can have immediate impact, whilst older brands continue to fight for market space and continued relevance.

The power of packaging should never be understated and really should be seen as an extension of the brand, with equal importance as given to marketing, promotion and product development. Tapping into target audiences on that subconscious level creates a bond between product and purchaser. Allowing your brand to ‘speak’ to your audience is the key and understanding why people love your product will make that emotional connection easier to define.

What’s your brand ‘temperature’?
Defining your brand’s emotions can be difficult and understanding how your ‘Product Package’ is perceived is crucial. What does this say about our brand is key in the brand’s re-alignment or evolution – depending on the circumstances. User experience will reveal the true value of your brand and whether it continues to resonate, engage and excite. Does the packaging elicit the emotional response that was expected? If not – how can the brand package be re-aligned?

Why Packaging Should Be Top Of Your Agenda

Getting the packaging right for the product, for the target audience, for the best chance of longevity for a brand. The packaging is often the first thing that the potential purchaser sees once your product is in their hands. It sets the tone, it tells the story, it projects expectations, it fulfills the brand promise. There are no short cuts to achieving this unwritten dialogue with your customer. Working with brand and packaging experts can create memorable customer experiences and achieve that emotional dialogue and connection with your customer.

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Supporting information from Packaging Europe

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