Example of pop-up retail in shipping containers

Pop-ups have become a permanent feature in the retail industry. They are the answer to bridging the gap between the online store to a presence on the high street. Capturing the unique concept of the transitory – the proposition behind the pop-up is all about excitement, the unexpected and dramatic exteriors. Few could forget the now iconic Adidas trainer pop up and established as well as emerging brands are using this approach to retail to connect with new and existing audiences. Well known brands such as Superdry, Amazon, Yves Saint Laurant, Lego and Mercedes Benz have all embraced this cultural shift towards creating a more personal and exclusive experience. The high impact – short term philosophy is shaking up retail markets globally.

Here today, gone tomorrow

For many online retailers, the pop up provides an exciting and relatively low cost way for helping online retailers explore the high street. It’s a unique opportunity to be able to reach their audience on a much more personal basis and connect with their customer base in a totally new way. Tapping into new audiences with a physical presence empowers brands to engage not only their existing advocates but to create new ones too. This way of creating new and meaningful relationships at a deeper level has proven irresistible for both established and emerging brands.

With the back drop of the transitory nature of the pop-up – it has proven irresistible to customers too. The concept based on excitement and exclusivity, delivering a one-off experience is incredibly powerful and is a huge catalyst in driving footfall. The ‘fear of missing out’ is a great lever that drives customers  – which makes the pop-up perfect!

Pop-up goes from strength to strength

An example of a pop-up shop in London's Boxpark

Pop Up Retail

With the pop-up economy worth over £2.3 billion, it is one of the largest areas of growth in UK retail. There are more than 10,500 pop-up shops in the UK employing more than 26,000 people. 10% of retailers plan to deliver a pop-up experience as part of their retail and marketing strategy in the next 5 years. Due to their flexible nature, it’s the perfect way for brands to test new markets, new products and new locations. New ideas and new markets are the life blood of retail.

London seems to be at the epicentre of the Pop-Up Revolution. Take Boxpark in Shoreditch for example – shipping containers play host to retailers such as Nike who run brand sponsored events from there, attracting huge local support. Charity retailer Oxfam had a pop-up there in 2017 for Halloween selling brand pieces inspired by Victoriana and Gothic fashion. The pop-up philosophy allows the retailer to take creative risks, stepping outside their usual business model.

Creating an experience

Whether you’re an established brand or have a niche following – harnessing this experiential form of marketing creates a buzz and a unique and memorable shopping experience.  At Acopia, we have helped many brands do just that by supporting their ambitions of pop-up retailing. If you would like to know more about the full fit-out service we offer or want to find out more about our full range of shop-fit displays and consumables, just get in touch using the form below and let us know more about your retail vision!


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