Marketeers and product development experts know that innovative packaging has the power to make or break when it comes to standing out from the competition. Products with the right packaging will have more shelf appeal, which is hugely important when it comes to attracting the attention of the consumer in a sea of choices.

Great packaging itself isn’t enough of course – the product needs to be great as well –  but if the packaging is below par, the product will never leave the shelf if the product isn’t eye catching enough.

Packaging goes beyond just aesthetics, too. Packaging is also important because it greatly impacts the consumer’s overall experience with the brand. How? Take for example a box of cookies. If they are packaged in such a way that the cookies end up broken into bits in the box, the consumer is not likely to buy the product again. On the other hand, if the product is packaged in a way that protects the cookies and keeps them intact, the consumer will be much more likely to choose that brand over others in the future.

Packaging that is also user friendly is going to stand head and shoulders above the competition, too. When it comes to food products, for example, packaging that is easy to open and easy to close/reseal will be very appealing to most consumers. Packing that is easy for the average homeowner to store will be appealing, too, as it does not present a problem that needs to be solved. Awkwardly shaped packaging requires either to be stored in an unconventional way or that the product was taken out of the packaging in order to be stored and will put most customers off the purchase.

A positive overall experience is absolutely imperative to achieving repeat purchasing habits and, as a result, brand loyalty. It’s important that companies continually take stock of their potential customers’needs and wants, and develop not only products, but also packaging, to meet those needs. If they can be successful in doing that, companies will create a loyal customer base, which is the key to the success of any business that creates consumer products.

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