The Simple Stretch Wrap Test for Pallet Wrapping

Not sure how to find out if you’re getting good value from your existing stretch film? We take you through some simple steps to test how much stretch film wrap you’re using on every pallet.

The Pallet Wrap Test

Start by looking at the type of pallet wrap machine you have; this will be either a break stretch machine or a power stretch machine.

Follow the instructions in the video to produce a comparison between two films you wish to test. We can then help you understand the results.

Working with you to cut stretch film waste and costs in the warehouse

Cutting despatch costs will no doubt be welcome news to you.
But when we tell you using less stretch film will save you money, this may get you thinking about pallet stability concerns and safe transit.
We can show you that by using less plastic on each pallet, you cut price and even increase distribution safety by using our latest technology high performance film.

Typically, these would be around 10-17 micron as opposed to standard and much thicker 23 micron film traditionally being used today.


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