Virusend Antiviral Spray

Is VIRUSEND the best surface disinfectant spray against Coronavirus?

A year ago this month, the UK headed into lockdown for the first time. The country and the world had little notion of what was to come but someone was already working towards a solution. Inventor Michael Pritchard quickly realised that we needed an antiviral spray that could be used to disinfect surfaces contaminated with Coronavirus. And so he set to work in his private laboratory and the journey began to produce VIRUSEND.

Game-changing VIRUSEND for the British Army

VIRUSEND disinfectant spray

VIRUSEND disinfectant spray

The idea was originally born to assist the military. It soon became apparent that once vehicles and equipment had been used by someone diagnosed with Covid 19 – everything had to be placed in quarantine for 72 hours. This basically crippled operations, costing time and money and put personnel at risk. What VIRUSEND was engineered to do was kill the virus on all surfaces in just 1 minute which meant no more 72-hour quarantine.

Equipment became safe to use in just a matter of seconds. Along with the Anyway Trigger Spray that was also developed at the same time, it meant it could be used upside down and in awkward angles without loss of efficacy – perfect for vehicles and equipment. The trigger spray produces a fine continuous mist at 360°.

4 Key Points About VIRUSEND and its Efficacy


1. How far and how quickly can a virus spread between surfaces?

A study by Imperial College London showed how easy it was for a virus to be transferred from surface to surface from a hospital isolation room. Within 10 hours it had been spread to 18 other surfaces including door handles, light switches and chairs in a waiting room and persisted up to 5 days. Some studies have shown that the virus can live up to 28 days on surfaces¹. It showed the need for effective cleaning with the right products was essential in reducing the spread.

As soon as VIRUSEND was being used in the military arena, the benefits for domestic use also became very clear. As the pandemic worsened and transmission rates continued to soar, consumers were using ordinary household cleaners to try to protect themselves from contaminated surfaces. The Prime Minister stated that after transmission through airborne droplets, the next easiest way to contract Coronavirus was from contaminated surfaces.

The supermarket became the place you were most likely to catch Coronavirus whether catching it directly from someone or by touching contaminated products on the shelves. Consumers thought that ordinary household cleaners could protect them from the COVID-19 virus on items that might have been contaminated in shops or on parcel packaging received at home from online orders. This was not the case and it’s a complicated explanation, made all the more difficult to understand when popular household cleaning brands were claiming efficacy.

2. Why aren’t household cleaners just as good against Covid 19?

So now we need to get a bit technical. Ordinary household antibacterial cleaners are not proven to kill the virus. Why? They are designed to kill bacteria. If the product can not claim these two standards: BSEN:14476 and BSEN:16777 they cannot independently prove that they can kill the virus on surfaces. VIRUSEND is the only product that has been tested against the virus and proven to meet both of these standards. Many products and well-known brands were and are promoting misinformation relating to these standards and the ability to kill the virus – check out the Virusend video here:

VIRUSEND has been tested at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine² in its biosafety level 3 (BSL Level 3) laboratory on the actual pandemic strain of the Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2. No other product has been tested in this way and proven to be as effective.

3. Where is it safe to use VIRUSEND?

It’s safe to use on all surfaces³ including food prep areas as it is non-toxic. No PPE⁴ is required, unlike bleach which also damages surfaces or products with high alcohol content which are highly flammable. It’s also safe to use on electronic equipment such as your handheld scanner at the shop, your mouse and keyboard either at home or at work. The only caution here would not to drown these products with the spray – just use a gentle light misting is required and in 60 seconds – what you have sprayed is completely safe to use.

4. How to protect yourself from Coronavirus with VIRUSEND

There are so many instances throughout your day where you could potentially be exposed to the virus. From receiving the mail at home to moving your dustbins after they have been emptied, opening a shop door, filling up with petrol or getting on public transport. There is risk everywhere, especially when as many as 80% of people with Covid 19 don’t know they have it and could be spreading it on surfaces you may come into contact with.

Having VIRUSEND at hand is the quickest and most effective way of making your environment safe. In just 60 seconds, surfaces are safe to use and items brought home in shopping bags are safe to put away in just 1 minute. VIRUSEND is available in a 365ml trigger spray an eco-refill bottle to reduce your plastic use, and a handy 75 ml pocket sized spray perfect for when you’re going into areas that you’re unfamiliar with. The pocket spray is also easy for children and students to take to school with them.

It’s safe to say Coronavirus is likely to stay with us for a long time and we have to find new ways of living with this new enemy. VIRUSEND has been described in The Times as game-changing and we are very proud to be able to supply it to consumers and businesses alike, looking to protect their environments and keep safe.

If you would like to know more about this truly best in class product, please do get in touch with us using the form below or call us on 0845 075 6111– we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


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