How much of a role does colour play your packaging? Is it something you have considered, is it central to your packaging strategy or is it just a nice-to-have or after thought?

Colour can have an important impact on how your product is perceived. Colour can increase brand recognition by 80%. Taking all the following aspects into consideration – Touch and Feel; Hearing and Smell make up 7% of the factors most important to consumers when purchasing a product – with the visual aspect comes in at a whopping 93%.

That small window of opportunity

In just 90 seconds, a person will make a subconscious decision about a person or an environment or situation – it will be the same for your packaging and 62%-90% of that decision will be based on colour alone! 85% of consumers feel that colour is the primary factor when choosing a product. Suddenly – the pantone book takes on much greater importance!

What are the colour signals?

When deciding on your retail packaging it’s important to think about your brand essence and how this is demonstrated through your packaging by colour. Does this use of colour support our brand? Are we saying what we want to to our consumers? Does this fit with our brand image? Is this colour at odds with our product itself?

We take a look at what colours work for specific industry’s and what they say to consumers:

RED – conveys excitement, energy, passion and courage. You’ll find this colour used in the food industry, food and sport. Marketeers would use this colour to convey confidence and energy, attracting shoppers and to highlight critical areas of importance.

ORANGE – it speaks happiness, enthusiasm ans strength. The food and entertainment industry will use this and will be found in children’s products. Marketeers will use orange to communicate fun and playfulness and brighter shades will be found in a Call To Action.

BLUE – it talks trustworthiness, dependability, security and responsibility. You’ll find it used in finance, technology and healthcare. Marketeers know that blue is the most popular choice for brand colour. It’s linked to intellect and is a calming colour.

BLACK – is all about glamour, sophistication and power. You’ll see it used in designer brands, luxury cars and technology. Marketeers will use this to show a brand’s authority, paired with bright colours – it can become more aggressive.

This is just an example of how 4 colours can dramatically change your brand’s message through packaging colour. If you require help with your brand message – feel free to speak to our friendly product development team.

We will ensure your packaging is saying all the right things!



Ultimate Guide To Colour Psychology