Why FAIRTRADE is important to Acopia

Why FAIRTRADE is important to Acopia

If you know a bit about Acopia, you will know we are extremely proud of the fact that our foundations are built on solid ethics of transparency and integrity. Many of our clients demand this approach, not only from us, but from every part of their supply chain. Choosing FAIRTRADE is a natural fit for us.


Respect and honesty are synonymous with Acopia and we are delighted to announce that we have secured our FAIRTRADE license. So what does this mean you can expect from our FAIRTRADE products. Buying products which carry the FAIRTRADE mark help support farmers and their workers, improving their lives and communities. The Mark means that the ingredients in the product have been produced by small-scale farmer organisations or plantations that meet social, economic and environmental standards. These standards also require employers to pay wages that progress towards living wage benchmarks, ensuring decent working conditions and strong worker rights is central to FAIRTRADE’S work.


United by Values

One of our clients Plant Organic built their foundations on Organic produce, Natural foods (non- processed, hydrogenated fats or genetically modified goods) and Sustainability. With these brand values – it was important that their branded bags needed to reflect their ethos. What better than FAIRTRADE?

The Cotton Bag

We worked with Planet Organic to source a bag that supported their ethics and produced two bags for their customers to use. It’s a great way to advertise their brand and their brand values at the same time. This is a natural extension to produce which is embedded in their culture. It’s the perfect Win-Win for Planet Earth, their customers – and the workers who are able to work for a decent living wage.

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